Scotland’s ‘extremist’ coalition government moderates Thatcher economics

Some of us will remember how the transition from heavy traditional industries to newer technologies in the 1980s was handled by the Tory regime of Margaret Thatcher – sudden mass unemployment, destroyed communities and a legacy of drug and alcohol abuse still with us today. The oil money used to pay the costs.

Today, 40 years later, as the oil industry enters its last days, the Scottish Government soon to be joined by Green Party ministers, ignores the Tory/Telegraph accusations of ‘extremism’ targeted at the Greens and does what they should have done had they cared about anyone, invests in transitional programmes.

Today, we read:

More than £14 million will be invested to support North East based workers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Oil and Gas downturn.

The funding will provide opportunities for more than 3,000 individuals in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire through training and enterprise projects across a number of sectors, including entrepreneurship, tourism and energy transition.

This includes a climate emergency training programme to help businesses transition towards net zero, and a scheme to support employers develop business plans to ensure long-term sustainable jobs.

This is not a last-minute show but follows a £62 million programme launched in June 2020:

A multi-million pound fund has been set up to help the energy sector recover from the dual economic impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19) and the oil and gas price crash.

The £62 million Energy Transition Fund will support businesses in the oil, gas and energy sectors over the next five years as they grow and diversify and will help attract private sector investment in the region.

The investment, with a focus on the North East, underpins the region’s ambitions to become a world leader in the transition to net zero, helping Scotland meet its ambitious targets on climate change.

Major projects to be considered for funding include a Global Underwater Hub, Net Zero Solution Centre projects, a Hydrogen Hub, the Acorn project and an Energy Transition Zone.

The investment will also benefit the wider Scottish energy sector and supply chain, working with local businesses to support sustainable jobs and maximise inclusive economic growth across the country.

How are BBC Scotland covering this (above)? They’re not. That wee story at the bottom ‘New green jobs’ is about one power company recruiting 135 staff for ‘green jobs.’

3 thoughts on “Scotland’s ‘extremist’ coalition government moderates Thatcher economics

  1. With regards Extremities the one and only thing ABC ( BBC) and other who think that current Neo Liberal Capitalist
    Governments and their Allies in large corporations and the money men
    Shall find much to everyone’s cost
    Will be the ever increasing frequency and ferocity of adverse climate changes
    All which can only ever lead to revolution
    Globally if The Planet and most life upon it are to stand the slimmest of chances odds of which go ridiculous as each day and prevarication passes
    Not believe me
    Today the CO2 level in the atmosphere and rising (far less the devastating methane releases ) is exactly the sane level as tens of thousands yrs ago

    When sea levels were 30 Metres higher than todays level
    A fool can work out where things at the very least are going
    And Money greed has many far worse than a fool in charge who have chosen to
    Ignore all the mounting evidence
    Revolution is the only way out
    Any who think that the Rich and those who govern us will willingly give up all their gains and privileges are naive beyond all possible scenarios
    Revolt or Die


  2. Really good to see this investment going on, it’s absolutely crucial and something no government should shun from.

    I like this guys channel, on climate change and this one is particularly interesting.


  3. £12Million a year wee fund? Wasted if the illegal (Unionist) Council get their hands on it. The mess of the City. The appalling carnage of UTG. They refused a gift of £80Million (Oil & Gas revenues). A bonus for the City. To pedestrianise and regenerate the City Centre. A showpiece. Cost £20Million. Supported by the public. There were protests in the streets at the perverse decision. Ignored by the illegal connected councillors.

    Instead £200Million+ spent. . £7Million a year in repayments for 30 years. On building empty shops and Offices. Traffic chaos, Shut off the road to the beach. They should be put in jail. The illegal Labour/Tory Alliance. Massive unnecessary debts. They illegally sold the City on the stock market.

    The Oil & Gas industry put in £Billions which Thatcher and associates illegally and secretly took to fund London S/E and the bankers. The bankers fund the Tory Party. The resulting banking crash. Deregulated banking worldwide. Cut leverage from 25% reserves to 13%. Unlucky for everyone. It has had to be put back up again. 25% in reserves. To stop any run on the banks again worldwide.

    The Barnett Formula introduced. The UK Gov fraud kept secret under the Official Secrets Act and Scotland left in poverty and deprivation. The economy scorched earth policies from Westminster. Labour unionist in on the act in full support. An absolute scandal.

    Devolution 2000 changed the position around slightly. Still not enough powers to make a real different. The Tories had held Devolution back for 20 years. After Scotland voted for it. Thatcher illegally gave the Press over to the right wing. Then denied it. Criminal Murdoch. The Times etc. To make them and their associates multimillionaires. Murdoch away with £32Billion. Enough is never enough for them. Illicit power. Blowing the world economy to bits. Tax havens established. Illegally. The wealthy became even wealthier at the expense of the poorer. The UK the most unequal place in the world.

    The Greens have wasted more than £12million a year with their insidious, unpopular campaigns. Against the AWPR. Held up for (forty years) by Unionist/Greens. Costing more. Along with the Queensferry Crossing, international airport expansions and tourist leisure facilities. The Greens/unionists have wasted £Billions. An absolute disgrace holding back change. Changes that would facilitate the change from Oil & Gas to renewables etc. Monies are needed to fund the change. FM on 3rd roads. Non democratically. Less funds for essential services because of the monies wasted unnecessarily, on protests. Against the public wishes.

    Fishing, farming and other industries in decline because of Brexit. Oil & Gas will decline. Renewables are much cheaper. US fracked Gas is imported into Grangemouth. There is a need to produce Oil & Gas in a transition period. Instead of importing it. That would cost £Billions. Hybrid cars are much cheaper to buy and run. Pay for themselves in overall saving. Veggie eating can be cheaper, healthy. and delicious.

    The populations in European countries (without migration) is on the decline. It is not wise to throw the baby out with the bath water. Flooding Scotland already pays for London barrier defences. London transport costs and HS2. A total waste of monies with no business case. The civil service has illegally withheld the economic facts. They should be sacked. Hickley Point a total waste. Nowhere to store the waste. A total waste of time, space and monies.

    Scotland landmass will rise. Less densely populated because of Westminster policies. Depopulating Scotland. Coal black gold all over Scotland. CCS could be introduced but the Westminster cabal stopped it because of lack of funding. CCS is being introduced in Europe. Scotland losing out on EU funding. On investment, grants and loans for renewables, fishing and farming. CAP payments etc.

    Scotland did not vote for it, Brexit Imposed by Westminster. Illegally won Ref. Every electoral rule, guideline and Law broken by Hedge Funds and their associates. To make illicit gains. Public monies totally wasted in illegal polling and campaigns. Culprits fined but not imprisoned for gerrymandering.

    Goods are now in short supply and more expensive because of Brexit. Putting up costs for everyone and the economy. Exports etc in decline and import shortages. The economy is tanking overall,

    Airbnb. There are hardly any apartments on the website. A few hundred in Glasgow/Edinburgh. 2 million people. They are all booked up in advance. No family sized ones available at short notice. A few party ones that are really expensive, A couple. Does anyone look at it before they complain about the accommodation available? Ridiculous,

    Hotels are more expensive. B&Bs, hotels and apartments further out of town are less expensive. There is more transport needed adding to the cost of a stay. Staycation costs are now much higher because of lack of accommodation. Unaffordable. Throwing the baby out with the bath water. Tourism a big earner for Scotland. There are many visitors. It is a popular destination. The best scenery in the world.


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