Once more no calls for heads

From BBC Northern Ireland:

A review of the work of a former locum consultant radiologist in the Northern Trust has, so far, identified discrepancies in a total of 43 cases.

The trust says six of these are at the most serious level, and could have had “immediate and significant clinical impact” on patients.

A full lookback review of 13,030 radiology images began in June.

It came after the General Medical Council raised concerns about the locum consultant radiologist’s work.


Who is to blame? The trust’s medical director, Seamus O’Reilly, explains what happened but is not accused of anything. Richard Pengelly, Secretary for Health, the Welsh Government, get no mention at all. Well, it’s not their fault is it?

But in Scotland:

The government need to be bolder, listen to what we’re saying, and increase the number of trainees. It is the key part of the solution.

One thought on “Once more no calls for heads

  1. We in Scotland have to face the facts – NOTHING that the Scottish Government does will EVER be met with approval from the permanently disgruntled unionist kill-joys who masquerade as representatives of the people .
    If Annie Wells or Jackie Baillie won millions on the lottery I venture that they would complain that they should have won more – and it was that Nicola Sturgeon’s fault !

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