‘Funny’ prof says ‘Boyle far better than Connolly’

I am/was a prof so my opinion counts, on anything at all.

I like Janey Godley. She makes me laugh so she must be a good comedian too but she’s wrong on this.

Connolly was very funny at first but soon lost touch with us, started sounding a bit Kelvinside and then began to despise our smallness, our ‘pretendy wee parliament.’

Boyle is the sharpest tool in any box.

This is the man who, after the referendum, told a crowd, that he knew more than half of them were cnuts.

This is the man who, wondering how we might teach the Afghans about democracy, suggested that we should send a prince to shoot at them from a helicopter!

Boyle, a great comedian and a political scientist who can communicate.

Connolly, a once funny guy with big houses and a big three-wheeled motorcycle.

Me funny?

My best line ever?

After watching a grumpy course leader lambast 30 meeja students, all of them despite my warning, for all the faults you can imagine, just before I had to then lecture, I closed the door and turned to them. I said: ‘Easily the worst warm-up act I’ve ever had!’

Big laugh proved I could be funny if also a betrayer of a colleague. Unless they read this, they’ll never know.

30 thoughts on “‘Funny’ prof says ‘Boyle far better than Connolly’

  1. Frankie Boyle is very-funny, but lacks a self-censor button – he always goes too far. I can sympathise, I’ve been told the same.

    Connolly is still KIng, however. The wildebeest story, the submarine crash, the colonoscopy and above all, the dwarf on a Glasgow bus, this is a body of work which Frankie Boyle can never aspire to.

    The dwarf on a bus story in particular is unmitigated genius – I can actually see that happening on a Glasgow bus, or indeed on any bus in the West of Scotland.


    1. Sorry, but the prof nailed it. Connolly was great when he started and then like many he pretty much sold out to the establishment. Far from the first and will hardly be the last to do so. Boyle is a better comedian. Comedians really can’t go ‘to far’.

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      1. Yes, Connolly. After Bigley was kidnapped, tortured, and executed, Connolly had a big laugh about it. In a later interview ‘defending himself’ he said, “I did speak about the subject and I did have a laugh about it but I’m not telling anybody exactly what I said because you’d have to be in the room with 4,000 people laughing to understand.”

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        1. Mind you, I think that comedians has the right to make jokes about anything they want to, but considering what was done to Bigley, I find it hard to imagine ‘having a laugh about it.’


  2. Why can we not enjoy them both?

    I know people why “walked” about the heilan’s in their youth, and came across Billy a few times (before **fame**).
    They thought him shy and lacking confidence then. a bit of a fish out of water; a city boy in the hills–just like most hikers.
    But after a while he came out of his shell, and the Connolly we know emerged.
    He will be the best know Scot in the world, after Sean, and a credit to us—-part from his dalliance with creepy Royals.

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  3. Frankie Boyle is a great talent, but hardly has Connolly’s longevity, and isnt really in the same moulid – for what it’s worth Connolly never really did “politics” in the same way as Frankie.
    Like most of us Billy has his good days and days that maybe arent quite as good. I only saw him once and discussing it with a colleague we agreed that the show was definitely “third gear”.
    However, a more acerbic judgement was delivered to me right at the start of Billy’s career by Freeland Barbour. “Who?” you might ask. Freeland was a folk musician of fantastic talent – could play anything – once in Silly Wizard – a 16 year old Phil Cunningham replaced him. Freeland now runs his own studio in the Borders and works for such as the BBC (in the Music Dept!). When we met he was doing a Diploma in Business Admin at Edinburgh Uni prior to setting up his own business. I was in the first year of my PhD (which I returned to GU to do, tail between legs!).
    I was waxing lyrical to Freeland about Solo Concert and the follow up he did in the Kings. Freeland was unimpressed, making the observation that Connolly was just not funny any more (this is 1975!) and that he wouldnt cross the road to see him. Connolly was funny when in the Humblebums when he would tell stories in between songs while the stage equipment was being changed. Then Freeland would have gone from one end of Scotland to another to hear him – not now (or 1975).
    Connolly and Boyle are two different animals. Both can be (really hysterically) funny. But they are different.
    Janey Godley has done what celebs do in this kind of circumstance – the person in question will be the greatest (fill in skill) that the universe has ever seen. You can see it in the tributes to Charlie Watts. I am not saying Charlie wasnt a great drummer, but when it is, for instance, Ginger Baker’s time to go the great drum kit, he will take on the mantle as the greatest drummer ever from Charlie. It’s how it works.


    1. By the way sir Ginger Baker has already gone to the great drum kit in the sky, 6 th October 2019 in Canterbury. So Charlie watts was in fact the greatest drummer. And put Keith Moon into that category as well. Im glad the you base your opinion in someone else,s opinion .I wouldnt turn up for a concert by who? Freeland Barbour who ive never heard of just his opinion as is mine. Billy Connolly is still the greatest comedian in Scotland as was Chic Murray in his time. Yes i like Frankie Boyle but he does cross the line and when you have to do that it is suspect entertainment, comedians are there to entertain , satarists are the political arm of comedy Frankie in my opinion which is mine alone, is a first class satirist as is Ian Hislop and the late David Frost. So thanks for reading my opinion and good luch with the PHD.


  4. “Opinion really is the lowest form of human knowledge.It requires no accountability, no understanding. The highest form of knowledge is empathy for it requires us to suspend our ego,sAnd live in anothers world. It requires profound purpose larger than the self kind of understanding. ” quote from .PLATO.
    So “professor whats your name, your opinion is worth diddly squat.


      1. By the way who exactly is this seemingly anonymous “Professor”? Is he nutty or just plain. Why cant he post his name. people who remain anonymous in my opinion ,have something to hide or are afraid that someone may argue with them.


        1. Oh, for heaven’s sake, everyone knows who he is unless they are really new to Scottish politics, in which case I suggest you educate yourself before you come onto his site and repeatedly try to insult him.

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        1. You still showed that you think it is important enough to try to denigrate it. Quoting Plato is something anyone can do, including people who use it to try to appear smarter than they are.


  5. Prof Robertson. Media expert Prof. Highly valued opinion. Statistic expert.

    The list is endless. Kevin Bridges, Sean Lock etc, etc.

    People have their favourites. Sell out.

    Ian Hislop. Not a fan of Independence.

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  6. Connelly. The coats on the bed. The scarf overlap. The woollen swimming costume. The strange walk. 1960’s. Butlin’s Ayr. Entertainment. Caravan sites. Bus trips. Trainspotting. Highland holiday.

    Now people have wet suits, from Lidl. Pandemic pools closed. Climate change outdoor (heated) pools opening. Beaches packed. Staycations. Bringing in the cash.

    Edinburgh Festival Comedy. Tutti Fruti. Still Game, Elaine C Smith, Andy Gray. Janey Godley taking over the Panto.


  7. Shooting from the hip prince has now run away. Shooting from the mouth. Total lack of self awareness. Killing other people’s mothers. Millions being killed and maimed in illegal wars. Pandemics. The other prince in quarantine, permanently, for appalling behaviour and telling lies. Having to cough up.

    The Duke is now six foot under. The other one not long to go. Colossal, secret, illegal interference shoring up the massive fortune. Interfering in government affairs, business and referendum. An absolute disgrace.

    Unelected. People will vote them out. Appalling carry on. Always good for a laugh but destructive. Supposed to be impartial Head of State. Anything but. Kept secret, illegally under the Official Secrets Act. Not democratic and unfair. The biggest consumers in the world are lecturing others about climate irregularities. No self awareness.

    The British State. Rotten from the bottom to the top. Independence cannot come soon enough. To help keep the world prosperous, calm and happier. Not bombing the world to bits and ruining the economy, Brexit the unfolding chaos. The corrupt Westminster Gov. Wasting public monies like there is no tomorrow. Incompetent and useless. They should hang their heads in shame. Clueless and shameless. The dope on the rope causing havoc.


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