Why were Covid cases in Scotland so low compared to England for almost all of the pandemic?

I wondered how long they would take. 3 days. 3 days ago, infection levels in Scotland caught up and surpassed for the first time in two months, those in England.

The Herald has not asked why they were so low, the lowest in the UK, for most of the pandemic, nor for that matter why they are currently far lower than in Northern Ireland.

Perhaps the most important questions never asked are based on these facts:

Why has Scotland had the lowest overall infection rate?

Why has Scotland had the second lowest overall death rate?

Why has Scotland vaccinated more than the other parts of the UK?

Answer me those.

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7 thoughts on “Why were Covid cases in Scotland so low compared to England for almost all of the pandemic?

  1. Too many answered questions, the Herod and their ilk don’t do facts or good news Scotland, in any way shape or form. What they really want is for the ScotGov to perform on something really badly, so these daily propaganda sheets can shout ‘resign’ or ‘close Holyrood to save lives!’ As it is, they have to make mountains out of molehills, anything to demonise the SNP.

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  2. We might as well ask why are outbreaks of “journalism” so low in Scotland.
    No analysis.
    No context.
    No perspective.
    No corroboration of evidence–in fact no evidence given.
    Sources identified? A jest, perhaps?
    A question or two for the British State? Jack? Boris? DRossie? Nope!
    Right of reply? Only for the British nationalists.
    Lightness of touch? Nope!
    Positivity about our wee country? Nope!

    British nationalism seems to have largely eliminated “journalism” in Scotland.

    There is a cure—just vote YES!

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    1. If Scotland ‘locks down’ without England it does not really help, and again the BritNat media will have a field day accusing the SNP of being draconian and fascism, also borders are controlled by the EngGov, Scotland is scuppered, scarily at the mercy of the Tories/red Tories at WM.
      Also I reckon the ScotGov must be a tad worried about the effects of the pandemic on the very limited funds allocated to Scotland, via the EngGovs’ ‘block grant’, the pocket money they condescend to send back to Scotland once they have taken their cut from Scotland’s massive revenues and resources revenues. It’s akin to the mafia except Scotland isn’t protected no matter how much danger money they are expected to pay into British/English treasury coffers.

      Good to see you back Paul. Calling out the British nationalists and EngGov for their underhandness, can’t be an easy task.
      Take care.

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        1. I’m losing it it seems…meant this comment for WGD and thought I was replying to Alex comment there, switching tabs between blogs is not a good idea doh! Sorry for confusion…tired out.


  3. Causes of rise in infection ? A too long association with a country to the south governed by bungling incompetents .
    We held out for a very long time – but eventually we were worn down by the constant barrage of misinformation and undermining by the fifth column in Scotland ( aka unionist parties , some of whom will actually be rejoicing at the stats ! )

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