BBC still hiding Tory child sex abusers

You might think the BBC’s practice of shielding child rapists and abusers was a thing of the past, a legacy of the Saville era, but they remain protective to this day.

In the above report today, you’ll find no mention of the fact that Anthony Hampton is a Tory. Indeed I had to do a bit of scouring the press to find out, though I had guessed it to be likely.

In April 2020:

See him, down at the bottom? Hidden away and not one mention of his party allegiance anywhere in the BBC reporting.

I searched for a sign of his party affiliation. It was difficult to find any mention. Only on the third page of Googling did I find out that he was a Lib Dem. We have to hope they will be quicker with him than they were with Cyril Smith. Perhaps Willie Rennie could advise them on procedure?

Readers might remember our report on the BBC non-coverage-at-all in 2018, of two Tory child rapists:

‘On 18 June, two Conservative politicians were convicted of child sexual abuse. The jury at Swansea Crown Court found former mayor for Pembroke David Boswell guilty of raping a girl under the age of 10. On the same day, former mayor of Godalming Simon Thornton pleaded guilty to more than 20 child sex offenses.’ 

These are very serious crimes and the party affiliation is concealed.

Contrast this with BBC Scotland.

Even where the accused is cleared and well-known, BBC Scotland remind us that he is ‘the former SNP leader.’, and:

Even where the accused is also well-known and has done no more than text a 16-year-old, his SNP membership is repeated several times:

Any opportunity to malign the SNP will be taken.

14 thoughts on “BBC still hiding Tory child sex abusers

  1. It’s what that S.African prof found when he examined 7000 articles on the 2014 referendum – built in bias against the SNP and any independence group .
    Except this is far more worrying as it suggests concealing the truth about child abuse to spare the blushes of unionist parties .

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  2. This is the nub of it for the BBC in Scotland, “Any opportunity to malign the SNP will be taken”, the only question is just how far they are prepared to go ?
    The Salmond saga I believe answered that particular question.

    I was reminded of Derek Mackay recently when Kate Forbes announced her intent to produce an alternative GERS, precisely as Mackay had stated before being being toppled by a media driven sexual scandal. Coincidence ? I think not, London didn’t want their GERS scam ruined by Mackay, so he had to go.

    Your earlier “Helping us to forget what we have lost” piece headlined the MSM Monitor observation that the younger cadre of journalists at BBC would be less inclined to push back against the ridiculous than their predecessors.
    Poignantly the MSM post featured Wallet-Lockjaw, the “journalist” who had attempted to fabricate a story of the FM losing the rag at “critics” at a Covid Update. The story quickly ran out of legs when the fabrication was revealed on the internet.

    The BBC doesn’t do honest journalism any more, but there are more sinister forces directing them in order to protect the London circus, and they don’t take prisoners.

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  3. Alex Salmond did not molest anyone. It was totally trumped up charges, as found in Court. An absolute disgrace putting related people in jail.

    Abused women are now being abused under the Domestic abuse Act, causing more distress. ‘Offences’? cannot be dropped or appealed. Not equality.

    Women who co habit (the majority) do not have equal rights with other women or men. The have to put in a claim within a year, To get their rights and entitlement. (1/3). Totally discriminated against. It can cost £thousands in legal fees and take years. There is little legal aid and most women cannot afford it. They can lose their rights and entitlements. Money used as a form of control.

    Women and children have to stay in abusive situations or they could lose the roof over their head. Their house, their home. The Law has been changed in England so they can get legal aid instead of losing their home. It has to be paid back in any case. Women are left destitute and in poverty because they do not have equal rights. It is a complete and utter disgrace and causes hardship.

    Children should not be used for cheap publicity or perceived grievance. It is illegal under the data protection and Children’s Act. Any grievance could be negotiated. They will not thank their parents when they are older.

    Muslim (2%) are fully represented. All churches have privilege above the Law the equal opportunity and employment Law. Sometimes separate Law within the system where applicable.

    Molesting and abusing defenceless children is so despicable to even contemplate. It is just beyond comprehension.

    Helping children get the support and caring that they need is important. Many children were abused under the care system. They are now given extra help. Kinship payments, bursaries and grants. Special welfare payments. To help keep them in extended families and into education and skills.

    Early learning support has been extended and given extra resources. Extra funding. The most vital care. Human development is at it’s most important from 0-2. years. The most development time of the brain and human body. It needs nurture and important support. Young children need the most support. They are the future. Teenage development is also massive. Rapid brain and physical development, Affecting life chances. The £10 a week child support for lower income household will bring great relief. It could be increased to relieve and eradicate poverty.


  4. It is to me almost like a criminal offence to distort news. There is in reality no difference between a Tory child sex abuser or an SNP sex abuser. But we all know what the media would do if they found an SNP child abuser. This political abuse of information by party is dishonest as a minimum and 100% against the BBC charter and just common fairness.

    Once independent we must make it statutory in law that no media can do this without being prosecuted. No Pravda newspapers or broadcast media allowed. Pravda means ‘truth’ in Russia so an apt name for the Beeb.

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  5. I complained to the BBC about the website and various bulletins on radio and TV headlined, “First Minister’s sister detained by the police for a domestic affray”, on the basis that the FM had no part in this but that the headline was implying guilt by association. I received a reply, which rejected my complaint on the basis that because the person detained IS the sister of the FM, then the heading was justified.

    In these sexual abuse cases, they are being reported because the persons involved held elected posts. Surely the party association, if any, of these elected persons is important information in the public interest. No-one reading the articles or watching TV or listening to the radio was not informed that Mr Alex Salmond was “The SNP First Minister”, or that Mr Derek Mackay was “The SNP Finance Secretary”, or going back further, that Mr Jim Devine was a “former Labour MP”, or that Mr Chris Huhne, was a “LibDem MP”.

    I am in no doubt that this is a wilful omission by BBC editors.

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    1. I see that all charges against her sister and her sister’s former partner have been dropped. However, the BBC Scotland website captions the story as “FM’s sister …” with a photo of the FM, thus hinting that the FM is, in some way culpable. Given the BBC’s response to my complaint, I can imagine what a further complaint will evoke.


      1. Alasdair
        I can only offer you the solid advice that in order for you to receive a fair and responsible response to your complaint that you redirect it to
        The Taliban


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