Meet Sturgeon’s obsessing ‘pretendy journalist’


So, modelled on the New Zealand ‘cooperation agreement‘, another of our grumpy borderline misogynists, finds only a tale of deceit and, after Billy Connolly, ‘a pretendy (wee?) coalition in the Scottish version.

Along with his pack, Brian Wilson, Tom Gordon, Brian Monteith, John McLellan, Murdo Fraser, ACH, Douglas Ross and Kevin McKenna, he seems to have a real problem with strong intelligent women leaders. He has called her revealingly, ‘the headmistress‘, note not ‘headteacher‘, as has been the official title since just after Macwhirter left school, but ‘headmistress.’


In New Zealand, after nearly three years of their Labour/Green ‘cooperation agreement’, voters were so satisfied with progress on climate policies, on social policies and on the management of the pandemic that both increased their share of the vote in the October 2020 election. Is that what unionists fear?

I’m older than probably all of these bitter twisted sixty-somethings but I still remember Dylan sing:

‘He not busy being born is busy dying.’

If you need more proof of Macwhirter’s obsession, try this:

10 thoughts on “Meet Sturgeon’s obsessing ‘pretendy journalist’

  1. Green Party members are to vote on the deal with the SNP next weekend. . . . The yoons have 1 week to persuade them to vote against it.

    Bit of a coincidence, that was my Headmistress. Very strict wouldn’t put up with any nonsense.

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  2. Ah one of the Alpha dogs of the many media Packs of Howling Wolves has notes of fear as he wails
    Fear is 100% chemically controlled
    And the adrenaline is now surging through their veins as clear and present danger suddenly confronts them


  3. This endless ” knocking copy” is a reflection of their fear.
    I have no doubt some newspapers are being kept afloat with secret UK funding.
    Their hired Brit Nat propagandists (let’s not call them journalists) must know their jobs would no longer exist after independence.
    No one in Scotland would want their endlessly sour bleating , and why would English media hire these people, when we are gone?

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  4. Brilliant, it really is good to know the BritNats like MacWhitter are livid at the SNP/Greens agreeing to work better together, to borrow a phrase, 🙂 for Scotland’s best interests.
    Someone should have a word with ‘pretendy’ journalist MacWhitter about real news, his sensationalist tabloid style of writing does him no favours.


  5. The link below is to a shortish article setting out something of the agreement with the Greens in New Zealand’s government and how NZ’s multi-party co-operation has aided the country’s Covid response and ‘saved lives’ – written by Canadians.

    ‘New Zealand: An all-party cooperation success story during COVID-19’ by Fairvote Canada, Apr 14, 2020

    ( )


  6. NZ constitutional monarchy. Queen as head of State outreach.

    Elections every 3 years. MMP electoral system. Mixed member proportional.
    It means no Party can have control without a Coalition. Needs a Coalition to function.

    NZ is Independent. Does not have it’s revenues and resources taken from it. To be abused by a political system that is unjust and unfair where the electorate can be outvoted. Totally undemocratically. NZ can make it’s own decision. On how it’s revenues and resources are distributed and spent. Unlike the electoral position in Scotland. Abused by a political system outside it. Outvoted 10 to 1. Total corruption against International Law. Iraq, Dunblane and Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years. Not open government.

    SNP has such massive support it can (nearly) produce a majority. It a system imposed by Unionists to prevent it. D’Hond’t. 1 million votes go in the bin, to let 3rd losers in. They cannot be got rid, A quota. The Tories stand for election to an Institution they want to destroy. How democratic is that? FPTP they could be got rid.

    People would have their one choice. To vote members in or others out. Democratically, Not six votes cancelling out their choice because people do not understand the system. The loser wins. Putting crosses instead of 1st or 2nd etc down the list. Just even more confusion. and putting voters off. They do not want to vote in a system they do not understand. Believing their vote will not make any difference because it doesn’t. Too complicated. So no one understands it.

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