Somebody remind Macwhirter about Sweden and Finland?

I worry over Iain’s thing about ‘Nicola’. For a reminder, try these: He knows about Finland and Sweden applying to join NATO? He knows they’ll be welcomed? Is he alright? Continue reading Somebody remind Macwhirter about Sweden and Finland?

Journalism no more. Is Iain Macwhirter the Neil Oliver of Scottish News?

I understand how your energy levels can dip as you age, all-too-well, but a well-paid writer jumping on the bandwagon, with several other old guys in the Tory press, of Alex Salmond’s odd suggestion that the FM is the Margaret Thatcher of Scotland’s oil, suggests a tired mix of cynicism with his usual dash of misogyny . Try Googling ‘Macwhirter Sturgeon’ and get 60 300 hits but, with Sarwar, only 13 400. Ross doesn’t work because there’s a Ross Macwhirter. I know corporate hacks have to stretch things to trick readers into clicking or buying, but there’s a bit of … Continue reading Journalism no more. Is Iain Macwhirter the Neil Oliver of Scottish News?

Macwhirter’s weakness for lovable rogues and fear of strong women

He can’t help it. Clearly still a wee lad himself, the Herald’s Iain Macwhirter can’t help liking, maybe wishing he was, an Alpha, just a tad. In April 2021 on Big Game Phil: In December 2020: Mr Johnson is a most unlikely history man. Most political commentators, myself included, dismissed him as a charlatan, a buffoon, an intellectually lazy chancer who just got lucky when he was elected London Mayor in 2008. But no one has a lucky streak as long as his without having a touch of genuine political genius. But when it comes to smart young women having the nerve to … Continue reading Macwhirter’s weakness for lovable rogues and fear of strong women

I’m sorry, I seem to have Macwhirtered again

Brian Macwhirter’s troubled, borderline creepy, obsession with the First Minister resurfaces. Does she dress too well for him to relax? If she were more dowdy like his old Primary teachers in the 50s, would he be better able to take a telling from her? Mature readers will understand. The data shifted, she shifted. We’re glad she did. It’s the kind of intelligent behaviour you don’t always get from politicians and which, judging by the many opinion polls, most Scots are deeply appreciative of having in a First Minister, whose actions might make a big difference in our lives. Every time … Continue reading I’m sorry, I seem to have Macwhirtered again

Macwhirter’s links to Sturgeon

They say if you ever visit a sausage-making factory, you’ll never eat one again. Is it the same with visiting a Macwhirter piece in the Herald? Should be, but sometimes the dark self-destructive side in all of us just wants some of that stodgy, greasy, fatty thinking. He will not leave that young woman alone. Now he’s waving his Weiner at her claiming, like his hero Boris, ‘Scottish nationalists find themselves on the same side as Northern Ireland Unionists.’ Notice the lower case ‘n’ and the capital ‘U’. Clever, wot? Supposedly, the Scottish nationalists (sic, he is) need to reassure … Continue reading Macwhirter’s links to Sturgeon

Iain Macwhirter’s thinking could be more toned

From: Mairianna Clyde Macwhirter: It’s always worth listening closely to the words of Scotland’s greatest historian, Professor Sir Tom Devine. At the weekend he gave my colleague Neil Mackay a vivid picture of the current state of the Union – and why it’s in deep trouble in the wake of Boris Johnson and Brexit. But between the lines, I think Sir Tom was also delivering a quiet warning to ardent Scottish nationalists who think independence is just a matter of time. It’s not a done deal. Tom Devine (whom I knew personally in the 1990s as a doctoral student) was always … Continue reading Iain Macwhirter’s thinking could be more toned

‘A decent man who did a lot of good’ Iain Macwhirter

In 1962, Prince Phillip insisted on going ahead with a Tiger hunt, despite protests from British and Indian politicians. He defended his decision to shoot a tiger following the incident, saying they were not endangered. By 1972, the Tiger population of India had almost been wiped out. At the time of the shooting, the Prince was ‘helping to found’ the WWF. In his book “Queen of the World,” royal author Robert Hardman detailed the incident. The Maharajah was very clear about the main purpose of the visit: The Duke of Edinburgh was going to shoot a tiger. At the very moment … Continue reading ‘A decent man who did a lot of good’ Iain Macwhirter

The ‘Troubles’ will not trouble Independent Scotland, Iain ‘Red Hand’ Macwhirter

The rioting in Northern Ireland by groups fundamentally believing in the holy meaning of the Union and traumatised by the death of the Duke, has excited the Herald writer’s imagination. The pictures editor has let him down this time. That quiet, wet, mundane border looks too damp to light. Now, four men, a tabard and a big dug, that could kick off! MacGlashan, sorry, Macwhirter, opens with: There has never been a direct read across from the troubles in the province to Scotland. But Northern Ireland is only 12 miles away, and closer culturally and politically than we’d like to … Continue reading The ‘Troubles’ will not trouble Independent Scotland, Iain ‘Red Hand’ Macwhirter

Macwhirter for top job at Telegraph?

It’s been coming for some time. Ian Macwhirter, apparent supporter of independence in 2014 but soon disgruntled supplier of bitter opinion pieces attacking Nicola, NHS Scotland and anything Scottish, has finally come out. This revisionist piece today places him well for a career in London as a house jock. He writes: Like him or loathe him, Boris Johnson will tonight become one of the most important political figures of the past century when the House of Commons finally votes for his Brexit trade deal. Thus ends nearly half a century of British membership of the European Union, and the Brexit culture war … Continue reading Macwhirter for top job at Telegraph?

Macwhirter’s Uncanny English thoughts

The essential English leadership secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness. The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous Joseph Goebbels, 1941 (ref below) Iain Macwhirter returns with a retread: YOU can understand his frustration. Labour politicians like Sir Keir Starmer can’t understand why the Scottish National Party is so successful. It’s just not fair. Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t walk on water. Why are the media not doing more to expose her?  … Continue reading Macwhirter’s Uncanny English thoughts