O, wad some power the giftie gie Labour to see themsels as others see them

My gub did drap.

The Scottish Labour branch office sneering at an independent political party is a good one but it’s the notion that coalitions mean loss of principle that really tickles.

What, like if a party committed to egalitarian values were to do a deal with one utterly opposed to them, like these ones?

Labour and Tory councillors in Aberdeen have done a deal to run the city council (Image: Business Insider)

Or East Lothian?

Or the Labour/Lib Dem coalition under Jack MacConell?

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9 thoughts on “O, wad some power the giftie gie Labour to see themsels as others see them

  1. Aye, “What about Millie May ? ” if Labour want to discuss principles ?
    From a Party which at the last count ignored 40% of their membership on independence is not a good position to carp from… Is is the Labour Chief Whip Juan Kerr happy with that ?

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  2. An excellent and valid comparison. Since Blair and the Bodger changed Labour into a Thatcherite party (and, to be fair, Scottish Labour was more resistant to that than elsewhere in England and Wales) and especially since 2014, when there was a huge loss of support for Labour from the people who, for many years had favoured redistributive, equitable, socialist and social democrat policies, because of the eagerness with which Labour embraced the Tories in Better Together and happily took Tory money.

    Despite many leaders and continually failing election results, the tiny Parliamentary clique continue to parrot Tory language against Scotland. Even the STUC, has made moves towards recognising that a majority of working people in Scotland support independence or the right to determine our future (excepting the GMB and Morning Star, of course.)

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    1. Indeed, didn’t Thatcher say something like ‘NEW Labour is one of my best achievments’. Labour have kept her wishes alive even when she’s deid, and the Labour branch office in Scotland work against Scotland, dancing to the tune of their RED Tory masters in London. Duplicitous doesn’t come near describing Labour in Scotland.

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  3. Aberdeen illegal Labour/Tory administration. The Labour councillors supposed to be expelled from the Party. A Libdem became an Independent to keep the illegal Alliance in power. A two job Tory and a convicted sex offender supporting the Alliance. SNP with the largest number of councillors kept out of power by the illegal Alliance. STV imposed by unionists, without consultation, for advantage. The loser can win.

    ACC wasting monies like there is no tomorrow. Increased debt. Spending £Millions building empty shops and office. Muse project. Against the public interest and the public wishes,. £200million. £7Million a year. 30 year repayment. There were protests in the street. Ignored. The funding would have been better spent on essential services. Totally lacking. The unionist mismanagement and poor policy decisions. A negative affect on the economy of the City. .

    Traffic chaos throughout the City. Refused the UTG project supported by the public. Cost £20Million. A £80Million donation was offered and refused. A project which would have pedestrianised and regenerated the City Centre. £30Million renovating an Art Gallery. £300million on a Conference Centre with not enough parking available. Totally out of the way and difficult to access.

    The Scottish Gov funded the AWPR after forty years. Opposed by Unionists/Greens. They wasted £Millions of revenues and taxpayers money in objections and Inquiries. The Scottish Gov (Salmond) funding the new harbour extension, wind turbine projects. Supporting the tourism projects rejected by the unionist council. The biggest wind turbine project at Peterhead. Massive production. Bringing jobs and prosperity. Fishing, farming and other businesses being affected adversely by Tory/Unionist Brexit. The next catastrophe.

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    1. North Lanarkshire Council is the same An agreement has been reached between Labour and Tories to keep majority SNP descisions down .Again illegal and also totally against what labour was intended for.

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  4. According to British Labour in Scotland,Scotland can only have democracy and egality so long as we are under London control.
    Brexit and the defection of workers in the North of England to the Tories has completely destroyed that myth and along with it any relevance they might still have in Scotland.
    Famous last words comes to mind.

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  5. NZ is Independent. Not governed by the Crown or Westminster clowns. Keeping it secret, illegally, under the Official Secrets Act.


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