The Coalition of Curs

Howling fearfully, in a chorus of lies, two of ‘our’ gutter press, cannot hide the fear surging through unionism today, as a pro-independence coalition cements its majority over the motley crue.

They hate each other, the Tories, the Lib Dems and Labour. Their coalition will not hold as they fall apart on issues such as welfare, Europe and the environment, to name only three.

The choice of headlines is no evidence of conspiracy. They just think that way and parrot the lines from those they admire, like Tory chief whip Stephen Kerr.

10 thoughts on “The Coalition of Curs

  1. I hope the joining of the Greens pushes the action against Climate Change up the policy ladder and the SG act decisively to try and protect the possibility of a normal future with independence.
    Without action on climate change there will be no future.
    COP21 not far away now.

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    1. It’s COP26. Let’s how that goes, going on the lies and propaganda from outwith Scotland, (ie Eng) about Scotland, anything good re UK will be EngGov implemented and anything bad, will be blamed on the Scottish government. The BritNats no doubt are working on the narrative to be printed in the daily BritNat rags, and shown on TV’s worldwide. Nicola Sturgeon will be lucky to get a mention, maybe a wee snippet of her standing behind the English contingent.
      Again Scotland is at the mercy of the BritNat state when it comes to effectively and decisively dealing with climate change, the SNP have been working with hands tied by the Brit state, but with the Greens now, perhaps they will step up to the plate and start really really shouting about how Scotland is being held back.
      Let’s see shall we.

      With a far right wing gov in London and Scotland literally dragged out of the EU, where perhaps funding was available for climate mitigation projects, being at the mercy of the disaster capitalists in London doesn’t bring much solace for a viable future re, renewables in Scotland. The EngGov will override the ScotGov and if any projects are funded, will take the credit themselves, announcments will be made in the lead up to COP26, and the world will be led to believe the EngGov are the bastions of intelligent policy, saving the planet, using Scotland as their renewables hub, that’s what they mean by ‘northern powerhouse’ isn’t it?


  2. The Red, Blue and Yellow Tories—a “Coalition of Chancers”!

    Drossie, Starwars and Cauld-Ham–what do they have in common?
    Oh, yes, they all read from the same script. Written in London.

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  3. Cheating and lying. Backstabbing the best Statesperson Scotland has ever had. The Greens in coalition?, it is illegal for members to promote another political party, for obvious reasons. Political rules and guidance need to be adhered. Gerrymandering.

    The unionists party members and voters disappearing. Independence Parties and voters on the up. The MSM Press and media viewers and listeners going down. An affront to democracy. Non Dom tax evading owners peddling nonsense. People do not believe a word of it. They get their information and exchange views on the internet. No wonder people are leaving and joining other parties.

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  4. The West restricts population from choice because they can. All European populations going down, without migration, China ‘one child’ policy restricting population but causing an imbalance. More men then women. This is being changed to ‘two child’. Might increase population.

    When given the choice, and the means, most people want two children. A boy and a girl. Some want non at all, or a slight few more. Except for economic reasons worldwide. Culture and social reasons. World poverty is being alleviated. Absolute poverty eradicated. The EU was founded after the WW2 to stop war and starvation in Europe and elsewhere.

    Countries are getting better off with better healthcare systems. This will provide the means to limit fertility from choice. The world population will peak and fall. Absolute world poverty is being relieved worldwide. Western illegal wars are still causing poverty. The illegal sale of arms still being kept secret under the Official Secrets Act by malicious UK/US government.

    Renewables are far cheaper. Scotland is the best place in the world for renewables. Geographically,. Wind, wave, solar etc. CCS. The Oil & Gas technology leading the world. The world will change to more renewables as the technology is adapted and extended. More fuel and energy produced.

    Women who co habit (the majority) do not have equal rights with others. They have to fight through Courts for their rights and entitlement (1/3). It can cost £thousands and take years. Women and children can have to stay in abusive, unsafe situations. They can lose the roof over their heads.

    There is little legal aid and it has to be paid back in any case. In England the Law has been changed to provide legal aid to abused women. That is not the case in Scotland. They can lose their house, their home because of legal expense. Or lose everything not having the money to pursue it,. Leaving women and their children in poverty or homeless. It is an absolute disgrace. There have been consultation done for years but nothing has been done. Women 30% unrepresented.

    The Domestic Abuse Act is being used against abused women. It cannot be dropped or appealed. Leading to even more distress.


  5. You could see the “Coalition of Chaos” story develop over the last month, finally they got the opportunity to spleen-vent and the public simply blinked a “whatever”, in much the same manner as they would a DRoss or Juan Kerr diatribe or Glenn Campbell opinion piece.
    I do hope the Greens ratify it, Holyrood is about to get busy.

    What infuriates the Unionists is what Lorna Slater let slip, it’s now almost certain their typical delaying tactics such as motions of no confidence are scuppered, and with it media amplification of “FM ate my hamster”. This pretty much leaves the combined opposition neutered, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

    What we often forget from the media presentation is coalitions are the expected norm for Holyrood, and as for “Chaos”, I give you Johnson, Raab, Patel, etc., etc..

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  6. You have to admire the chutzpah of the Unionists – calling a political pact in Scotland a ”Coalition of Chaos ” when the elephant in the room is the utterly incompetent Tory Government in Westminster who couldn’t even organise ONE PHONE CALL to Afghanistan !
    If they were any more organised they would be really dangerous !

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  7. It is no coincidence that on the BBC Scotland website ‘Papers’ section, that the Mail and the Express get top billing.

    Earlier this week Glenn Campbell was saying, sorrowfully, that this meant that the opposition can no longer ‘scupper’ legislation. Of course, there was no mention of the fact that Westminster is designed to give a majority single party, and, without a constitution, can essentially do what the majority wants, in the same way that English monarchs could do before Parliament assumed the role of ‘the Crown in Parliament’.

    Labour wants no change to this system, because for c100 years they got the occasional ‘Buggins’ turn’. This is not to decry the significant and transformative achievements of some Labour Governments, such as the NHS. However, since Blair and the Bodger, Labour has simply been the Tories but with a sort of smiley face and some minor variations from Thatcherism.

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  8. Unlike ‘Scottish’ LibDems or ‘Scottish’ Labour the Tory Party is indestructible. LibDems now play out as yellow Tories with a smile, shape shifting and parasitical to the end while a treacherous Labour Party finish as angry red Tories with a tear.

    After independence the electorate in a handful of exceptionally affluent seats won’t need to vote tactically for the non-Tory careerist best channeling Unionism because Scotland will be free. See what ease they move to the much reduced ‘Nasty Party’. Yay!


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