Covid Scotland: Cases and deaths fall

Headline improved by TuS Accuracy Services

Not for the first time, I’ve had to modify the unnecessary gloom at the Herald.

For the first time in 7 days, the number of new Covid cases has fallen, from 3 613 on Thursday, to 3 464 yesterday.

There were three deaths, down from 9 on the previous day and the lowest for 5 days.

Hospital admissions have now fallen every day since the end of July.

I thought you might like to know.

8 thoughts on “Covid Scotland: Cases and deaths fall

  1. We need to separate the fact from the fiction here. and lord knows The Herald is one of the worst offenders in printed media re the latter.
    They have become the background noise accompanying HMS Sarah Smith, DRoss, Kerr, Baillie et al., the “Doomed and marooned” mafia.

    One thing we do know from past experience is that SG will signal a problem when they spot it, they are led by the actual science rather than the Eton variation, no fridges involved, though BBC Scotland doubtless have one available judging by their frosty report.
    Saw a snippet from Indyref Two earlier with Glenn (we seek him here..) Campbell trying on the “dead rats” Greens gambit and was left wondering how many thick folks Glenn, or come to that HMS Sarah Smith actually think exist in Scotland…

    You would think public health information would be more important than politics, yet BBC Scotland consistently proves us wrong.

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