Scotland streaking ahead with jags

In the last week, Scotland delivered 21% more vaccinations than England or Northern Ireland and twice as many as Wales.

In May, when Wales was ahead, BBC Wales gave credit to their own folk:


When Scotland first surpassed Wales in July, to top the vaccination chart, BBC Scotland had other things they thought you need to know:


3 thoughts on “Scotland streaking ahead with jags

  1. Scotland / million has conducted to date
    71225 more than Rump UK
    this now means that using daily no.of vaccines given that Scotland is now 22 days ahead
    And as each day passes the divergence grows ever wider
    1 week ago we were only 19 days ahead


    1. I can’r watch it’s too distressing, especially when I think of the Scottish people and how they have been kept poor and begging, while their massive wealth (¬£trillions) has been stolen by the EngGov, it’s absolutely tragic.


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