Unemployment in UK now nearly 10% higher than in Scotland

In the above report from BBC Scotland, the data for our headline is there in the third line:

Scotland’s unemployment rate has dropped slightly, according to the latest official figures covering April until June.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said 4.3% of people over 16 in Scotland were out of work, down 0.1% on the previous quarter.

The figure is less than the rate across the whole of UK, which was 4.7%.


These look like small numbers but they represent millions. 4.7% is 9.3% higher than 4.3%.

There are 117 000 unemployed in Scotland. If they lived in England, under Tory rule, another 10 000 or so would be out of work.

When the first SNP Government was sworn in on 17th May 2007, unemployment under Labour had begun a surge to nearly 9%. From then on, the SNP Government pushed it steadily down to where we are today.

6 thoughts on “Unemployment in UK now nearly 10% higher than in Scotland

  1. If Scotland was Independent there would be full employment. Instead of Scotland’s revenues and remuneration going south to fund London S/E. Funds being wasted and mismanaged by Westminster. £Billions. £Billions which could be invested further in Scotland. The Barnett Formula. Scotland paying for funding for things it does not need. Then not having the funds to finance what it does need.

    Westminster total wastage. Useless policies and bad wasteful projects. Total bad, poor management of the economy, foreign and social affairs. The UK one of the most unequal places in the world.

    The Scottish Gov has done so well to mitigate Westminster cuts and to bring in investment. Scotland the best place in the world for renewables etc. Excellent education system, The best in the world. SNHS and medical science development. Leading the way. Oil & renewables technology. Engineering. Food and drink. Film, literature and music. Unique. Tourism. The best scenery and landscape in the world.

    Devolution has benefitted Scotland. The SNP Gov has done well. Independence would being even better prosperity, equality and well being. Like most European countries. Thriving in the EU.


  2. Tut, tut. The dratted Nats are doing away with unemployment now.

    What is more–they are doing it deliberately!
    Next up, they will want to do away with our mighty Atom Bombs, which have kept the Taliban trembling, and in their place (General Geordie Robertson, of the HoH “rapid response force” (doubles all round, and be quick about it) says)!

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  3. The actual headline “Scottish payroll numbers climb by 17,000” of course avoids the positive attributes of your own…

    The propagandists do seem increasingly to be clutching at straws to spread their negative lie-ons regarding Scotland – The Cambo oilfield story has been resurrected and re-written to promote David Diugud as taking charge 🤣 on behalf of the UK government, whilst quoting him as “said he wanted to learn more about the project” 🙄.
    Duguid still with his finger on the pulse as the burial detail are trying to screw down the lid..

    Clearly the Tories are getting the jitters over COP 26 and SG even appearing let alone looking competent, excpecta a “tsunami” of negative spin stories in the coming weeks and months, you’re going to be kept busy…

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