Scotland’s crime numbers fall again as they have every year since Nicola Sturgeon took office


How the Record and, largely, how every media outlet across the UK and beyond, presented Scotland’s drug death figures. No explanation, ever, of factors explaining them and making the connection, known to real experts, to 1980s Tory policies destroying working-class communities in Scotland.

The coverage, shameful.

And the coverage of this?

Crime rate per 1,000 population in the United Kingdom from 2002 to 2020 by country │Statista

By their logic, Nicola must take the credit. She has been First Minister since 2015.

In England & Wales, there were 102.8 crimes per 1 000 people in 2019/2020 after a steady rise under Tory rule in England and Labour rule in Wales.

In Northern Ireland there were 59 crimes per 1 000 in the same year, rising above Scotland from 2013, under DUP/SF rule.

In Scotland, there were 45.1 crimes per 1 000, less than half the rate in England & Wales, after a period of fall and stabilising as crime soared in the non-Scottish parts of the UK.

These data were released two weeks ago. Try searching for ‘BBC UK crime rates’ in the last month, or any other combination of a media outlet and ‘UK crime rates’ and hear the tumbleweed go by.

6 thoughts on “Scotland’s crime numbers fall again as they have every year since Nicola Sturgeon took office

  1. Desperate to be able to call for the FM to resign, she is a huge threat to the British state. Nicola Sturgeon’s competence in government must be thwarted somehow, because it reflects badly on the English government, it reveals their anti democratic and disastrous administration. In the run up to COP26, as I’ve said, all eyes of the world will be on Scotland, which must be causing some anxiety for the English government, let’s hope no false flag stuff is deployed by them. Imagine huge demos about the oil etc, if the English government go ahead and allow extraction of more oil from Scottish waters, how many people around the globe will know that oil extraction is a reserved power to the English government, none.


  2. The colonial media don’t care about actual stuff, only propaganda.

    Speaking of which, I see noted Brit Nat Ultra Daniel Hannan writes of:–

    “victory of nationhood over tyranny”. This is the end of the USSR.

    He is one repeatedly refuses to recognise Scotland’s right to self determination from the tyranny of Anglo-British nationalism.


  3. There are 200 knife killings in London. Since the Tories came to power. All the resources/essential services cut. Austerity. Austerity causes crimes. People steal because they are hungry. There are more homeless people. There a link between alcohol/drug addiction. People commit crime while under the influence of alcohol/drugs. That they would not commit while sober. Drink’s in the wit’s out.
    Alcohol/drug addiction leads to poverty and neglect. ‘Shuggy Bain’. A troubling account.

    Crime is a gender issue. Women commit non violent crime. Steal to feed their children. Prostitution because of drink/drug addiction. To feed their children. Abusive situations. Most crime is committed by males. Violent crime committed by younger males against each other. Under the influence of alcohol/drugs.
    There is a major increase in cybercrime. Fraud through the internet or by phone. Internet banking has increased fraud.

    1/2 of those in prison are on the spectrum. They have additional needs and are vulnerable. They have not received the support they need in society. Prison is not the right place for them. Bright lights and loud noises. There is not enough diversity in society. Lack of knowledge within the police and justice system .

    Sometimes vulnerable people’s reactions are considered to be violent or harmful. When they are frightened in unfamiliar situations. Eg Touched when they do not like being touched or shouted at confronted by loud or unfamiliar noise. Their routine interrupted. The sensory balance obstructed. They can react in what is construed a violent reaction when they are frightened. Or in an unfamiliar situation which appears threatening. They can self harm.

    Charges under the Domestic Abuse Act cannot be dropped or appealed.. women who co habit do not have equal rights with married women and others. There have to fight through Courts for their rights and entitlement. (1/3) It can cost £thousands. Many cannot afford it. There is little legal aid. They can lose the roof over their head. Their home and become homeless. Women and children can have to remain in unsafe situations to keep a roof over their heads.

    Women are unrepresented by 30% (1/3). Change the Law to give women equal rights. There has been consultations for years but little has been done. To relieve abuse, poverty and homelessness for abused women and children. 100 women die a year of abuse. 400 men are murdered on average. Males killing each other. Often under the influence. of drink/drug.

    200 knife killings in London a year Since the Tories came to power. 2010. Gang crime in London. Austerity. The 200 killings a year and connected offences in London will put up the crime rate substantially in the rest of the UK. Austerity and the cutting of essential services, decreased funding for essential Put up the crime rates especially in London. Life expectancy going down in the South. 120,000 increased deaths because of austerity. Homelessness and poverty. Cuts to essential services and social care.

    MUP in Scotland has reduced alchol consumption. £250million (5 years) will reduce drug addiction. To decrease crime even further. Austerity has put up the crime rate. Mitigated by the Scottish Gov. Keeping crime rates lower in Scotland. More people getting the support and help they need.


  4. More good news to be ignored by the U.K. Government state media (U.K. Pravda is BBC) and the Unionist media on the whole owned by U.K. or foreign owners that are pampered by the same Pravda management at Westminster.


  5. Headline in tomorrows Glasgow Labour Herod:—

    “Nats to make Police Scotland redundant”!

    The Hootsmon will use the same storyline three hours later.

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