1. I’m puzzled. Why is today’s most read post, one from 7 days ago?

2. Why did only 76 out of 5 577 twitter followers bother with the above poll? Anyhow, good to see that still after 7 years, we’re getting new readers.

3. Why again did so few respond? Why do 38% care about digital passports? I’m a bit of a stick in the mud, I guess.

6 thoughts on “Various

  1. I very rarely see your tweets Prof, unless I go to your page specifically which I try to do often as poss. I saw the poll after someone retweeted it. My twitter is most often full of (Indy) folk saying what they had for their tea. It’s more like a huge Facebook type portal unless I specifically go to genuine pages discussing politics etc. I don’t mind people posting life events, exciting stuff about family and pets, but not what mascara they wore today or how the spag boll turned out. I tweeted it was getting like fb, result was folk posting even more trivia. Don’t have energy to weed out the trivial posts, it’s like the allotment weeds that grow behind you as you hoick out the blighters in front.

    People want things to be back to so called normal, to travel freely around the globe etc. It looks like their wishes are granted, if they have plenty dosh. What’s normal for those with the ability to pay for things like vaccine passports and tests, is only a distant dream for many.

    Will endeavour to share TuS articles more on twitter, hopefully it reaches some genuinely politically aware folk.


  2. I follow you & get the tweets (and did your poll) but sometimes skip things if life is busy. Maybe the popularity of some posts is due to the subject cropping up elsewhere? it’s sometimes a relief to move from a BBC story to get an alternative take on things and to comment to show opposition to the lines we’re being fed elsewhere?

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