NHS Scotland’s emergency services nearly 20% better than NHS England

From BBC Scotland:

The number of people seen within four hours in A&E departments has fallen to the lowest level since at least February 2015, new figures show.

NHS statistics for the week ending 8 August showed just 76.5% of people were dealt with within the target time.


NHS England data are not published until the end of the month.

Not mentioned:

In July 2021, NHS Scotland’s A&E departments saw on average 80% in 4 hours or less.


In July 2021, NHS England’s A&E departments saw on average only 67.7% in 4 hours or less:


The difference of 12% is 17.6% greater than 67.7% so NHS Scotland’s A&E services are, rounded up, using Reporting Scotland editorial guidelines,18% better.

5 thoughts on “NHS Scotland’s emergency services nearly 20% better than NHS England

  1. Excellent news. I’m sure it will lead the Repressing Scotland news tonight (just joking)!

    Baron Hannan wants “victory of nationhood over tyranny”.
    His application to join the SNP will be in the post, then.

    Again, I’m just joking. Baron Hannan is PART of the tyranny.

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  2. Perhaps I’ve missed it but is any journalist (or opposition politician) asking what seems to me the obvious question about A&E waiting times performance in Scotland. Why is NHS Tayside (including notably Ninewells Hospital) so relatively successful?

    The latest report indicates that 91% of A&E patients at Ninewells were seen within four hours. Figures of 90% plus are commonly achieved here so this question has been relevant for much more than a year.

    What is making the difference in Tayside NHS – the level of resource deployed in A&E and/or use of distinctive (innovative) operational practices? Is Tayside’s success on this metric at the expense of performance elsewhere in its hospitals? Could NHS Tayside somehow be ‘gaming’ the performance measurement system?

    And if the data are truly pointing to positive performance achievement, why is this not being replicated elsewhere – silo thinking/professional resistance elsewhere; lack of required resource to instigate change; tried and failed elsewhere, do particular circumstances pertain to Ninewells’ A&E that prevent transfer of its success factors to other hospitals; or something else? Which is it?

    Rather than wait expectantly for the next release of performance data to write up the usual context free negative article, why doesn’t a BBC Scotland journalist investigate why one health board consistently achieves such remarkable performance? ‘If one can why not others’ is a legitimate and useful question to put to the Cabinet Secretary for Health.

    For some journalists and opposition politicians perhaps they avoid asking such questions as they would have to admit that within Scotland’s healthcare ‘system’ – overseen by an SNP government – exceptional A&E operational performance has for some time been evident!

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  3. Saw that headline and winced, but the telltale is the “for the week ending 8 August”, Andrew Marr is not alone in misrepresenting the condition of Scotland’s Health from a single data point, knowing full well multiple other aspects are in play.

    For starters, take 140k NHS workers trying to stagger well earned breaks after almost a year non stop and family ties strained, yet HMS Sarah Smith prefers we talk about A&E response stats and hospitals stalling elected surgery ops ?
    Hello ?

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  4. The BBC is fixated on Scottish stats , especially ”bad ” ones – so perhaps they would like to publish the figures for non-payment of the BBC Tax in Scotland for the last few years ?
    Let’s have the figures since 2014 ! Have they changed much ?
    I would hazard a guess that the numbers of non-payers has GREATLY increased since the last referendum – and perhaps have greatly accelerated in the last couple of years .

    Let us see the figures and have GMS discuss them !

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