Lib Dems saddened and experts puzzled as suicide rate falls

I feel sure we were being told by all and sundry that the Scottish Government’s lockdowns were causing widespread misery and prompting a surge in suicide rates.

In January, the Times headlined ‘Coronavirus in Scotland: Rise in suspected suicides as second wave adds strain‘ before admitting they were using ‘anecdotal reports.

In March 2021, according to the Mental Health Foundation’s Mental Health in the Pandemic study, ‘Suicidal thoughts soar among Scots struggling to cope in pandemic.

Yet once the data are in, we read:

The number of suicides in Scotland decreased by 3% last year, according to official figures.

The National Records of Scotland (NRS) data shows there were 805 probable suicides in Scotland in 2020 – down from 833 in 2019.

Between June and September, however, there were 28% more suicides than usual for those four months.

So the suicide rate is down after a year of pandemic measures. Someone will be so disappointed:

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton, says Scotland's smacking ban 'sends a clear message about what kind of country we aspire to be'
Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton (Image: PA)

In November 2020 when the figures for 2019 revealed a 6.25% increase in suicides, we heard from ACH, above, in the Record and with that strange pic:

Liberal Democrat health spokesman Alex Cole-Hamilton said the figures are “devastating”.

He added: “More than two people a day, young and old, are dying by suicide. Hundreds of families have had their world turned upside down.

“The last few months have been especially tough but there was a mental health emergency before the pandemic struck.

“Scotland already had a record number of children waiting over a year for the mental health treatment they need.”

He said there needs to be a “service transformation” in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), complaining that currently youngsters are “left waiting for expert help”.

And, note there were fewer suicides in lockdown than out of it, from June to September? Counter-intuitive? Certainly counter the narrative.

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6 thoughts on “Lib Dems saddened and experts puzzled as suicide rate falls

  1. Yes smiling while attempting to appear to even care, is really not a good look.
    The BritNats just want Scotland to go backwards, so they can keep saying Scotland’s a basket case under the SNP..oh wait, they have only been at the helm for what, 12 years, but the BritNats were at the helm for ten years at Holyrood and for decades (WM rule) and even centuries. Lack of mental health support on their watch was something they, I am sure don’t want people to know about. Their legacy of neglect and destruction of communities is impacting people now, imagine (no don’t) if they were at the helm in Scotland now…a chilling thought.

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  2. You could argue that the Lib Dumbs have a political “death wish” as they elect dumpling after dumpling as their Leaders.

    “He (take your pick) is a disgrace to the Party”.
    “Here. Send him into the library with this gun. Its loaded with dumb-dumb bullets”!


  3. There are very few suicides in Scotland (pro rata). Many are accidental death from accidental overdoses classed as suicide. Taken while under the influence of drink /drugs. The figure has not changed for years. People suffering from depression,

    People suffer from depression. Alcohol and drugs can be a depressant. The more people drink/ drug to excess the more depressed they can become. They develop mental health problems and need professional help to get well. A, total abstinence, one chance counselling service.

    AA and NA can help give Group support. People with an addictive nature need total abstinence to get well. Or they end up on the slippery slope of the revolving door. Leading to earlier death.

    The Scottish Gov has put in £250Million (5 years) funding for addiction and alcohol/drug problem. That should help to establish better facilities. Rather than putting people on methadone for years. People take other substances and die an early death. Young people ate taking cocaine and ketamine, causing health problems, Horse tranquilliser.


  4. Let us not make a Drama out of a Crisis – is NOT the motto of the LibDems , but if it gets Alex Cole-Hamilton’s photo in the media , all well and good .

    No such thing as ”bad publicity” to an ambulance chaser !

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  5. 50,000 people, a year, die in Scotland on average. More in the winter than the summer. Mostly from old age. After a good and relatively happy life?


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