Try finding BBC Scotland’s report on the arrest of a Labour MP’s ‘thuggish’ son

‘Ayrshire incident?’ What, was Kilwinning closed down? Was a SWAT team called in? How many have died?

No, no, no, it was just a domestic dispute within one house. There is no report of serious violence, no mention of ambulances.

But, what about this incident in 2000:

THE son of Foreign Office minister George Foulkes has been convicted of being a football hooligan, the Sunday Mail can reveal.

Hearts supporter Alex Foulkes, 25, almost triggered a riot when he hurled sectarian abuse at Celtic fans during a match at Parkhead.

The arrogant lout, who tutted his way through a court appearance, told officers who arrested him: “You will be in trouble – my father is an MP and my mother is on the police board.”…-a064963554

Try finding this story reported by BBC Scotland. Even if you try a search in the period 1 Jan 2000 to 1 Jan 2001:

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16 thoughts on “Try finding BBC Scotland’s report on the arrest of a Labour MP’s ‘thuggish’ son

  1. “cake recipes”.
    That’ll be a fruit and nut cake, then.

    Go well with Lard Baron Ffoulkesakia’s favourite tipple.

    “Doubles all round, Giuseppi, and be quick about it”!

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  2. The Police are now arresting abused women under the Domestic Abuse Act. Causing even more distress. Trying to criminalise the total population. Wasting time and public monies. The Police/justice system wasting time and public monies.

    Women who co habit (the majority) do not have equal rights to married women and others, The have to fight through Courts for their rights and entitlement. (1/3). It can cost £thousands in legal fees. Many women do not have the funds.

    There is little legal aid. It has to be paid back in any case. Abused women and children have to stay in unsafe situations to keep a roof over their head. Leading to further abuse and poverty. In the south the Law has changed can get legal aid without losing the roof over their head. Their house, their home. They can keep their children safer.

    There has been consultations within the legal system to change the Law but little has been done about it. To give equal rights to all women and others. Women are unrepresented 30%. Unequal and unfair. Leading to desperation, poverty and unhappiness. Women and children being abused and having to remain in abusive situations.


      1. Skip on by.

        Quite important to stop abuse and poverty. No equality or justice. Leading to hardship. Unnecessary hardship.

        Can’t be dropped and no appeal. Not justified.


  3. 1/2 of those in prison are on the spectrum. They have additional needs. They have not received the support that is required. The bright lights and loud noises are not a suitable environment. Police/justice system lack the diversity training to deal with people on the spectrum. Autistic or Asperger etc. There is no enough training and knowledge or diversity in the society.

    People with addiction problems end up in prison and die. A life sentence instead of saving lives. They should have a chance at proper total abstinence counselling facilities. Prison £40,000 a year.


    1. Absolute poppycock. Please do NOT equate people who have autism (of any kind) with violent vicious nasty thugs, they are in fact much more likely to be victims of crime themselves!! People with autism are also less likely to drink and/or take drugs, than ‘normal’ people. They tend to be highly sensitive, and often vulnerable, but no more likely than any other section of society to commit any sort of crime or end up in prison.
      It is true that some (not sure the stats) who have some kind of learning support needs, or who are otherwise vulnerable themselves, do sadly, end up in prison, that is due to lack of family or societal support, lack of awareness of their own vulnerability, and of course, they then can end up homeless and the drug pushers step in, all due to fact they do not even know they are entitled to funding supports like PIP, and social services support.
      My son who has autism and learning difficulties, was almost caught out by a scammer recently, posing as a delivery firm, asking for his bank and DOB details, he almost gave that info, and without me to support him, well, the consequences would have been awful.

      ‘Total abstinence facilities’? Stupid idea. The whole point of drugs safe rooms is to help people gradually ditch the drugs, not suddenly come off them, which in some cases no doubt would kill them anyway!

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  4. People on the spectrum can be locked up in Institutionalised facilities. Bright lights and loud noises can cause further distress and are unsuitable for vulnerable people’s needs. Progress is being made in realisation. Not enough appropriate knowledge, services or facilities. Or changes being made. Progress is slow. Simple changes would make huge progress. No costing loads of monies. Awareness is important. Talents and abilities recognised.


    1. Oh god. Those who end up, very sadly in ‘institutions’ are those who have profound needs, those who lack speech, and even sometimes cannot use the toilet without support. I have no idea what your expertise or knowledge of this comes from, but I do have some experience having been an advocate for people with learning disabilities. There is a lack, or was not sure now, of adequate facilities for people who have much more serious autism, and sadly they then end up in mental hospital, taken away from their family, dreadful. People at the profoundly disabled end of the ‘spectrum’ need total care, and families struggle to provide that at times, this is not the same as someone who can live semi independently but who can be very vulnerable.
      Yes it’s a spectrum, but I don’t really get the link you and anon are making to this article at all…

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  5. Police women are now arresting abused women under the Domestic Abuse Act. Causing even more distress. Police/justice system waste of time and public monies. Costing £Millions. Criminalising the population. Equalising the abuse, The abuse of the criminal justice system. Unbelievable.


  6. For Foulkes Sake !
    You can’t expect the BBC to cover EVERY drunken episode in the life of Labour MPs or their families as well as track down every misdemeanour of any in the Independence movement .

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  7. The BBCs’ agenda of course being to attempt to undermine the FM’s integrity here. They are going to try everything and anything in the run up to COP26 when the eyes of the world will be on Scotland, and er, thereby the Scottish government. The BritNats are terrified the world will see Scotland in a positive light, they won’t be able to control the whole narrative…oh no! I do hope they don’t start false flag stuff though I would not put it past them one bit…

    Remember this?


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