No evidence!? Only 349 studies saying they work?

In the Herald today:

THERE is no evidence that safer drug consumption rooms work, nor are they a “silver bullet” to fix Scotland’s drugs deaths problem, according to a senior adviser to the UK government.

Dame Carol Black, who was commissioned by the former Home Secretary Sajid Javid to conduct an independent review into drug misuse, said the row over consumption rooms could potentially act as a distraction from tackling the issue.

Really? What about this?

The largest review ever undertaken, of 349 research studies, from across the globe though mostly in Europe, carried out by the Centre for Criminology at the University in South Wales in 2017, found that ‘safe’ or ‘supervised’ injection rooms significantly reduced drug-related harms, dramatically cut mortality and offered a range of benefits for the wider population, in terms of reduced crime, nuisance in public spaces, violence and trafficking.

There is nothing like a Dame, 81 years-old with no experience in the the field of drug use but rather an expert on sick notes. ‘Senior advisor?’ Absolutely.

I’m only 70!

15 thoughts on “No evidence!? Only 349 studies saying they work?

    1. No evidence? There clearly is!

      Not a silver bullet? Straw man argument. Who’s claiming this? Evidence indicates they will greatly help.

      The row a distraction? Who’s responsible for the row?

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    2. Yes. That comment by her about what she was told she could not look at – anything that required a change to the law – really did jump out of the page when you read the article.

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      1. May i enquire of all as to what planet this Dame is from
        Because she is most certainly not from the one we inhabit.
        Should by chance any who identify her origins
        Please DO NOT state that such is evidence of another Intelligence


  1. It is also, the implication that consumption rooms are the only strategy to be implemented (“silver bullet”). The reasons for consumption rooms are to provided uncontaminated drugs and equipment to users and to require that they engage with treatment and rehabilitation, and also, to protect the rest of us, because the needles, etc, will be disposed of safely rather than being dumped in parks, on benches, in closes where people could be jagged or infected in some way.

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    1. They also used the ‘silver bullet’ argument against Minimum Unit Pricing of Alcohol and ignored the other measures in place to help reduce alcohol consumption. Must have sickened them no end when MUP was successful in bringing about a reduction in alcohol consumption just as the research showed it would.

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      1. On ‘silver bullets’ and drug consumption rooms (DCRs), from the BMJ: ‘Could drug consumption rooms save lives?’ ( )

        ‘“DCRs are not a magic wand or a silver bullet, and they will not resolve every issue, but they are humane, productive, and cost effective,” Scottish National Party MP Ronnie Cowan argued in the UK parliament in January 2018.’ !!!

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    2. Exactly, it’s a means to an end, a good end, not a bad one which the UK EngGov seems to prefer, keep the people addicted, why do anything about it. There is a source, drugs are big business, the ones at the top are cashing in, and some of there lackeys as well.
      Drugs safe rooms are part of a holistic approach, (if that’s not too hippe!)
      to tackling the root cause of drug addiction. As I have said before, Scotland has masses of coastline, basically it’s not policed, (borders and marine security being a UK EngGov power) so the drugs just keep on flowing in like sugar. Scotland really needs independence in order to fully tackle societal problems, a long long unionists’ legacy, of poverty, despair, no prospects, terrible terrible housing etc. The young thrown on the scrapheap, or leave your country, that’s your choice and it will all happen again if we don’t escape the cabal in London very soon. Now though, the young are less able to leave because of Brexit. 21st century style workhouses and the army will be the only options for the young people of Scotland in Brexit UK.

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  2. People with addiction problems die by the time they are 40 (drugs) 50 (alcohol) with further chronic health conditions. Alcohol is more damaging to the human body than drugs. Look it up. Drug overdose brings earlier death. Graveyards are full of 18 years old. More 80 year olds. Death on average 79 years of age, in the UK. Life expectancy going down under the Tories. The introduction of 24/7 drinking policies did not help. MUP has helped reduce consumption and save lives.

    The number of proper total abstinence counselling rehab facilities has decreased. (Unionist) Councils were given funds under social care for addiction care but spend funding on other matters. Not life and death. Putting people on methadone for years because it was considered to be cheaper.

    A false economy costing more. NHS, Police, fire, social care etc. Head of social work Dept addiction services did not consider funding proper total abstinence facilities. There are less places for Drs to refer patients. The funding private/public. More people died. Methadone is more addictive than heroin. People take methadone and then use other substances. Increasing deaths.

    The Scottish Gov has increased funding for addiction services £250million, over five years. To possibly provide proper, total abstinence, one chance, counselling facilities. Important to save people’s lives. Drug rooms could provide a brief respite but do not solve the long term problems. To keep people alive and well. For everyone helped 9 other people benefit. Spend £Millions to save £Billions.

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