No surprise there

In the Times yesterday:

Alex Cole-Hamilton, the next leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, has distanced his party from any future deal with Labour, but has said he is prepared to work with the Scottish Conservatives to safeguard the Union.

“I’m not interested in coalitions or pacts with the Conservative party, but I will work with them in articulating a positive case for our continued membership of the UK,” he told The Times.

His view is in contrast to that of his predecessor, Willie Rennie, who argued for a close working relationship with Labour to win back the centre ground of Scottish politics.

Wait, just two weeks ago:

A CANDIDATE to be the next leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats has opened the door to a coalition with Labour in Holyrood. 

Alex Cole-Hamilton suggested the two parties could form a “progressive alternative” to the SNP in the Scottish Parliament.

Not for the first time in the last century, we’re left to wonder, who the Lib Dems are and what the Lib Dems are for?

I’m reminded of this little gem told by Campbell Gunn:

One of the most popular politics trivia questions is to name a politician who sat in the same seat for four different parties. The answer, as most of my former lobby colleagues will know, is Bob Maclennan, who was MP for Caithness and Sutherland for Labour, the SDP, the Alliance, and finally the Liberal Democrats.

I am, of course, too polite to repeat ACH’s own words when he told a Scottish Government minister ‘f*** you!’

Me too polite? Aye, f………………………..


And then there’s this, from Ross Greer:


7 thoughts on “No surprise there

  1. Hard to trust a party with the word democrat in it, normally it’s anything but, of course, exemplified by the liberal democrats who would refuse even a mandated second independence referendum. As for the ‘ case for the union ‘, there isn’t one, at least not one that isn’t founded on lies and misinformation, state funded propaganda and a corrupt media.

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  2. The Tories want to close down Holyrood. Why do these cretins stand for election to an Institution they want to abolish and demolish. Except for the corrupt gravy train. Lying sycophants. A cabal of corruption. The dishonourable D’Hond’t. Imposed by unionist. The loser wins. A million votes go in the bin to let 3rd losers in. They want to abolish Holyrood. Take away even more powers. Leave even more people in poverty and despair. The lying chancers facilitate corruption at the heart of UK government.

    The Condems (Clegg) cut funds for education £6Billion a year. (£30Billion) From 2015 to 2020. Cut Welfare £16Billion. Cuts to universal credit introduced. Increasing poverty. Cut NHS £20Billion. Instead of increasing funding. Cuts £13Billion. Spent £13Billion a year on Hickley Point, HS2 and Trident. A total waste of monies and public funding.

    The Libdems facilitated Cameron, Brexit, the cuts to essential services and the waste of public monies on Tory Projects. The Tory slush fund. The British/Chinese consortium. Cameron on the illegal take. Exposed for all to see. Along with the rest of them. Clegg now making £Million as tax evading Facebook European representative. The illegal VOW and no democracy for Scotland. Westminster IndyRef illegal interference.

    LibDems facilitation of corruption. They want to close down Holyrood. Libdem total chancers. Ruining the world economy and causing misery. Some LibDems should just keep quiet, instead of lecturing others. People have had enough of it. The lying duplicity and corruption.

    The Scottish Holyrood Gov have to mitigate the cuts from Westminster. Westminster totally mismanages Scottish revenues and wealth. Spending Scottish revenues and remuneration on HS2, Hinkley Point, Trident and any other useless worthless projects.

    Westminster Tax evasion. UK tax Laws not enforced. Defence (attack) overfunded, loan repayments on monies not borrowed or spent in Scotland. Then Scotland does not have the finances to spend the monies raised in Scotland on what is needed. To improve the economy. If Scotland gets better off, so does it’s neighbours.

    The illegal Barnett Formula. The monies have gone south to be wasted.
    by Westminster unionists. Instead of making improvement in Scotland according to to democratic considerations. No taxation without representation. Scotland outvoted 10 to 1 at Westminster.

    Scotland revenues spent on what Scotland does not need. Then there are no revenues to spend on what Scotland does need. Scotland loses £Billions of revenues. The non democracy of Westminster unionists. Supported by LibDems. Clueless and useless. What is the point of unionists parties in Scotland. Except to skew the economy. No wonder people do not vote for them.


  3. Alex Cauld-Ham and his Lib/Dem/Con party.

    They conned us once with their Toadie coalition.
    Surely not twice —DRossie and Cauld-Ham. A right pair of t……….s!


  4. Unbelievable . . . . .Useless Unionist Cretin on the loose

    Quality journalism . . . Or is that an insult? Probably better to say good analysis!


    Local Radio Much Better for Scotland than BBC Radio Scotland

    On Local Radio Station Adverts before 9am news slot. . . There were two Scot Gov. Covid messages one. From Jason Leitch, the other encouraging vaccine take up
    This was repeated 30 mins later.
    Meanwhile on BBC’s Scottish Radio station . . . . . It’s are you going on a foreign hol, the pub, shopping, restaurant

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