An expert in pandemic control? Maybe later, after the bar steward, the strip club owner and the shop manager

So, BBC Reporting Scotland, straight in with a quick hello and then more non-expert advice on pandemic management from some business folk who clearly do not give a, about anyone other than themselves.

It’s those Scottish Retail Consortium folk again and two representatives of the hyphenated class, Simon Harvey-Potts and Ewan MacDonald-Russell, demanding state support for their businesses. I suppose if they pay the living wage to their staff and have always paid their taxes, they do deserve something, if.

We hear quickly, in passing, that the Scottish Government is spending £3.7 billion helping businesses rebuild.

Then it’s quickly on to the latest Covid rates but absolutely no mention of contextual facts like, ‘it’s twice as high in England’, or ‘it’s three times as high in Northern Ireland.’ Not in the public interest clearly.

Then right at the end of the show, Prof Bauld gets to tell us the numbers are stable and that ‘we are in a slightly better position than might have been the case’ but the presenter has other things on his mind – a murrder and Nicola Sturgeon’s sister getting arrested.

Inform, educate and entertain?

10 thoughts on “An expert in pandemic control? Maybe later, after the bar steward, the strip club owner and the shop manager

  1. Until, BBC Scotland informed us, I had no idea that all business spokespersons were experts in virology and epidemiology. I suppose this means they have fulfilled the requirement ‘to educate’. I am so glad we have such a public spirited broadcaster.

    Surely, the reporting of the arrest of someone for a domestic incidents do using this to imply some sort of guilt by association on the part of the FM, is a breach of reporting ethics.

    Over 40 years ago, my wife and I were in Phoenix Park in Dublin. A rape and murder were committed in the park that day, and, from the police report, we reckon that we were less than 100 yards from where the crime was taking place (in a piece of woodland). The local press did not report: “Rape and murder in Phoenix Park. Glasgow couple admit they were near the scene.”

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  2. I am old enough to remember Mary Marquis who presented for BBC Scotland on both radio and television and also BBC network wide from the 60’s, to I think, the early 80’s. I doubt if Mary could ever have been persuaded to try and present such hokum as BBC Scotland dishes out now as truthful reporting.

    In those days, BBC Scotland had a reputation for quality and integrity in its works, presentation and had an obvious pride in its output in representing Scotland. White Heather Club excluded..

    Now we have a “Pound Shop” Branch Office outfit battering out any anti SNP message by a skeleton staff frightened to offend their masters.

    Aye, times have changed

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  3. Honestly, most people in Scotland I suspect have switched off, they have other ways to get their news and important public broadcasts. The BBC ar relying on the vulnerable, those who still sadly believe the BBC to be non partisan and independent of government in London.
    Well done ScotGov for supporting businesses during a pandemic, a very bad thing according to the BritNats.
    See’s abit er scary. Brrrr.

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  4. Actually, we cannot assume we have ever been told the truth about anything here. Its not a new phenomenon, this misreporting. Its just that we have learned to operate our bullshit detectors.

    Many of is were perfectly happy in the past, to hear the confirmations of our own predjudices. We were brought up with monarchism, the Empire and the superiority of the white race. We have learned only lately that perhaps the hate figures of our youth maybe had a valid point. That maybe all people are in fact of equal value, that Great Britain was a pirate nation from its inception and not in fact a bastion spreading the word of god and rule of law.

    The Labour Party in Scotland was very powerful for decades until 2014. Its world view is still reflected in the Scottish output of the Truth Ministry here. As equally the Tory Party in Englands world view is reinforced down there. Both are, and always have been, Unionist. We were brainwashed to believe a version of events was the truth. Its only now that we have become free thinkers we realisethat. And as I said above, we have learned how to operate our BS detectors.

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    1. I’m not so sure David whether our BS detection has become more refined rather than the BS has become so blatant it’s impossible to ignore.

      Like “Orange Jaiket Man”, or Millie May, or Ministerial Code, once seen impossible to unsee.

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