Scottish Labour reject 100% baby box safety claims

 Labour MSP Mary Fee says the government must make sure the boxes are safe
Labour MSP Mary Fee says the government must make sure the boxes are safeCredit: Corbis – Getty

187 000 Scottish baby boxes have now been issued, with none bursting into flames, despite the efforts of opposition MPs to use them as portable barbecues. Despite this, Scottish Labour refuse to accept that they have been popular with the many disadvantaged mums they claim to care about but have done little for over the years.

From SNP Media

New polling has shown that the Baby Box, introduced by the SNP Scottish Government has been ranked highly by parents – with 97% of them saying it was good.

Since its introduction, 187,000 families have received a delivery of a baby box on its fourth anniversary.
The polling by Ipsos Mori also found that 91% of parents found the Baby Box saved them money and 60% said the books included encouraged them to start reading with their new born earlier. Parents also found the leaflets provided useful, with 84% finding the safe sleeping information helpful and 66% finding the breastfeeding material useful.

Commenting, SNP MSP Rona Mackay said:

“On its fourth anniversary it is extremely pleasing to see that the Baby Box continues to bring satisfaction to thousands of parents across Scotland and that it also continues to make welcoming a new baby into the family an easier experience.

“The Baby Box represents how the SNP Scottish Government is working to ensure that every child in Scotland has the best start in life.

“Having a baby is a joyous occasion but it can also bring on stresses and it is encouraging to see so many families report that it has provided them with essential information and also helped them with some of the costs of welcoming a new born.

“As the SNP continues to build the best start in life for Scotland’s children, the Tories at Westminster are preparing to cut Universal Credit and plunge 20,000 children into poverty. The only way we can protect the future of the people of Scotland from the Tories is with independence.”

8 thoughts on “Scottish Labour reject 100% baby box safety claims

  1. Expect The Sun to take a flamethrower to a baby box to show they are inflammable, and BBC Scotland’s Mornings programme to interview a cardboard packaging person who lives and works in England and has never heard of baby boxes to be interviewed at length about how inhuman it is to put a child in a box. A series f tweets and texts of horror stories will be read out. The programme will end with the presenter kicking a box apart and stamping on it with her stiletto heels.

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    1. I think the BritNats already tried setting a baby box alight…anyway do they not have them in any country of the UK? I thought maybe Wales, but then they have a Labour government, who like to keep people poor and begging while god knows what they do with the budget alloted to them.
      Let’s not forget the ‘block grant’ (pocket money, crumbs sent back to Scotland once the EngGov have taken their chunk, ie most of Scotland’s revenues from the massive oil haul etc) has been reduced since the SNP came to be the preferred form of government in Scotland, it was higher when Labour London HQ’d branch office were in power at Holyrood fro ten years.

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  2. Actually , given the level of maturity exhibited by so many opposition MSPs in Holyrood , these baby boxes should be distributed to all the Labour /Tory /Libdem members as soon as they start throwing tantrums in parliament .

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  3. Labour would rather bomb the world to bits killing babies. Wasting public monies like there is no tomorrow. Illegal and unkind. Against International Law and public wishes. Habitual, compulsive manipulative liars. No wonder no one votes for them.

    The electoral system screwed. A million votes go in the bin to let 3rd rate losers in. The electoral system unionists imposed on Scotland. To ruin the economy and kill people. Total unionists wasters. Brexit another catastrophe. An absolute unionist shambles. No democracy.

    They make the Law and break the Law, with impunity. The unionist sycophants. Ruining the economy and people’s lives. Independence can’t come soon enough for equality and prosperity. The UK the most unequal place in the world. The birth rate in Scotland is going down because of Westminster unionist policies. Austerity. They have depopulated Scotland. Scotland needs migration to survive successfully. The Westminster unionist sycophants are deporting people illegally. Against the public interest and people’s wishes.

    Throwing the baby out with the bath water. The Westminster sycophants. They have not got a clue. Useless. Leaving children in poverty and despair. Absolutely wicked.

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  4. The Scottish Labour Party.
    Built by giants of Scottish socialism (Keir Hardie) as a bulwark to protect the poor, the voiceless, the weak in society against brutal forces of “capitalism”.

    The “Scottish” Labour Party.
    A fake party representing the interests of London Labour, who show zero interest in Scotland and the Scots.
    Does anyone recall a single word Sir Keir said last week?
    Why is “Scottish” Labour on its third privately educated leader in a row? Coincidence?
    What happened to their plans for federalism/enhanced devolution?

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    1. Given they said they’d scrap the HOL’s 100 years ago, any promises Liebour make can be taken with a pinch of salt. Their leader is a Tory. Keir Hardie was a million times more human than Starmer, a trougher propping up the Tories.


  5. Bonfire of the vanities. Labour. Fifty years of Labour ruining the economy and people’s lives. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Austerity and Brexit. Another catastrophe. Same old, same old.

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  6. The Police are now arresting abused women under the Domestic Abuse Act. Causing even more distress. Leaving abused women and children homeless and in poverty. Women who co habit (the majority) are denied equal rights with married women and others. They have to fight through Courts for their rights and entitlement. It cost £thousands. There is little legal aid. It has to be paid back in any case.

    Abused women and children have to stay in unsafe places to keep a roof over their head.

    It has been changed in the south so women do not lose their house, their homes

    Women are unrepresented 30%. Unequal and unfair.


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