Scottish Conservative Lord and son of alleged Nazi sympathiser exposed over lack of transparency

File:Official portrait of Lord Selkirk of Douglas crop 2.jpg
Official portrait of Lord Selkirk of Douglas, James Douglas Hamilton

Lord Selkirk of Douglas, Director of Lennoxlove House Limited is one of 40 Lords, including several from the Labour Party, exposed by Open Democracy earlier this week, for flouting rules by not declaring details of private companies they run.

You can read the full story at:

Selkirk or James Douglas Hamilton is Director at Lennoxlove House Limited.

Hamilton’s dad was an even more interesting character.

When in 1941, Hitlers’ deputy, Rudolf Hess flew to Scotland, he asked to be taken to Hamilton’s dad, the Duke of Hamilton. Hess believed that Hamilton headed a faction people prepared to do a deal with the Nazis and immediately asked his captors to be taken to him.

I haven’t read Hamilton junior’s book about the incident but I feel sure it exonerates his old man from any charges of Nazi sympathy or treason.

8 thoughts on “Scottish Conservative Lord and son of alleged Nazi sympathiser exposed over lack of transparency

  1. The unelected, totally undemocratic HoL should be shut down. A blight on the landscape of unelected privilege and greed. Leaving people in poverty. They do not care. Tax evaders, warmongering financial fraudsters. Exposed time and time again. They make the Laws and break the Laws with impunity. Break the rules and guidelines at every opportunity. Lining their pockets on other people’s misery. Disgusting,

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    1. Have a wee word with the Labour party, they promised to scrap the HOL’s 100 years ago, we are still waiting. Guess who has comfy seats on the benches at the HOL’s though, quite a few ‘Labour’ (Tory) ones. Including Jack McConnell, rewarded for shafting Scotland as FM of Scotland, sending £1.5bln BACK to WM saying, ‘nowt to spend it on in Scotland’. That, is to me, absolutely unforegiveable, McConnell, another lowlife trougher.


  2. I can remember when Lord James Douglas Hamilton was an MP and a junior Minister at the Scottish Office, when Mrs Thatcher was PM (but, it could have been under Mr Major). He seemed to be well liked across the political spectrum as a pretty decent and fair minded person. He was sometimes portrayed as ‘not the sharpest tool in the box’, but, on the whole, he seemed to take his role seriously and actually do things to help people – a marked contrast to a certain Mr Michael Forsyth who was around at the same time.

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    1. I had a friend who was a good friend of his brother, years ago, who was also pretty staunch pro Indy. Stories of Hess landing in a field in E Lothian? I think there are photo’s.
      Don’t think the Hamilton’s are the worst kind of entitled rich folk!
      Not sure about ‘Open democracy’ actually. Suspect they are quite anti SNP, and much more pro Labour?

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      1. Open Democracy is pretty supportive of independence. Professor Anthony Barnett, its founder, has published several supportive pieces over the years. It is, more often than not very critical of Labour. It has done sterling work in exposing the ‘dark money’ which funded Brexit and the Tories and DUP.


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