There may be trouble ahead

The seven-day rolling average takes time to turn but case numbers in England and, more so Northern Ireland, have been surging for 4 days now.

From 19 012 on the 3rd August, England has now had 26 393, 26 512, 28 321 and 25 877, up more than 30% with no sign of falling.

From 1 040 on the 4th August, Northern Ireland has now had 1 641, 1 434, and 1349 up more than 30% and rocketing.

Scotland is up less than 5%.

Wales is still falling slightly.

The media coverage?

Sunday's national newspaper front pages | UK News | Sky News

Not a trace. Watch this space.

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21 thoughts on “There may be trouble ahead

  1. This is a colossal gamble by the Wreck less Boris the Terrible
    As the chances increase that the fold 2 Delta variant mutates to form a fold 3 variant
    Then as since the very beginning Scotland merely climbed the ladder of success in controlling the virus
    Merely to sent sliding down the snake to start all over again
    Not once
    Not twice
    Not thrice
    But now possibly for the 4th time as Boris places is ever diminishing pile of chips upon the table
    No More Bets Please

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  2. No, no. ALL the Mejah have proclaimed Boris Bunters new invisible clothes to be the epitome of fashion–the cut, the sweep, the colours, the material is —–
    “Simply perfect, dahling”! “So, so devine, dontcher know”?

    What’s this?, Shouting from the back–“I can see his willie”!

    “Tut tut, the scum are rising, probably miners brats. Starvelings.
    Just ignore them, and admire Boris in all his finery”!

    Invisible clothes. Just like invisible Covid stats.
    Unless you are in Scotland, where magnifying glasses are used.

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  3. How about these 2.

    (1) NEW legislation aimed at tackling fly-tipping is to be introduced to the Scottish Parliament by a senior Tory MSP. Turdo Fraser
    I wonder if he will bring out a bill making the crap that he spouts unlawful.
    (2) ‘Farcical’ twist in battle for secret Union polling funded with taxpayer cash. Apparently they now want £600 to release the poll,have not read the whole thing so I could be wrong.

    Will England publish the true figures ??

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    1. Turdo Fraser, is he a Tory councillor? They always go on about rubbish. 🙂
      Mind you Libdum councillor (3 days a week paid £20++k a yr) here sent a wee leaflet round other day all about rubbish. I thought, is there an election due? Then I thought, do they use council money for these large party political posters, posing as a caring councillor leaflet?

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    2. The reference to £600 was that was how much it would cost to produce the FOI information requested, their latest excuse being that was too expensive. This from the party who spent £37bn on failed track and trace app, I ask you!!

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  4. In all honesty John I fully expect a disaster to unfold – England has again been hoodwinked into thinking all is well when it clearly isn’t, all the rest of us are collateral damage who can be smudged to the sidelines, in NI I’m convinced “God is on our side” adds simply another layer of hypocrisy.

    You are absolutely correct to highlight the UK Media’s complicity in this, but I give you Brexit as example of how the media previously succeeded. Bitter together has an addition now level, sick, wounded and dead.

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  5. It is illegal to use a child for publicity and against the data protection Act.

    Muslim (2%) are totally represented in Scotland.

    Women are the ones who are totally unrepresented 30%.

    Women who co habit (the majority) do not have equal rights with married women and others. Women who co habit have to put in a claim and fight through Courts to get to which they are entitled. It can cost £thousands. It an abuse of women’s rights and women can lose out,

    There is little legal aid. It come off of any settlement, in any case. Women can lose their house, home and a roof over their head. Women and their children can end up in poverty, through no fault of their own. It is because of the fault of others and the system. It is not right or fair. Totally discriminatory. In the South it has been changed so women can get legal aid without losing their house, their home and a roof over their heads.

    The Justice Dept. is supposed to be dealing with this and making changes for equality. To stop the abuse of women and children.

    The Churches have rights and privileges above the Law the equal opportunity and employment Law.


  6. The (unionist) councils stopped collecting rubbish and introduced unwarranted charges, This has resulted in an increase in fly tipping. They do not collect large items except with increased charges. Then the fly tipping needs to be collected and cleared at increased cost. Increasing the costs of distribution and rubbish collection. At increased charges putting up costs and wasting public monies. Money down the drain.

    The (unionist) councils are not fit for organising or collecting rubbish, Total rubbish. They do not have a clue. They are not fit for public service. No wonder so few people join their Party. Lack of talent and virtue. On the take and on the make. A total tip of rubbish from the top to the bottom. A race to the bottom for them.

    Johnston’s rating now at -16. Support in the Party members 3%. The average member male and over seventy. Non representational. Vote Tory to die younger. Life expectancy going down in the South. Along with the economy, Brexit damage affecting economic recovery.

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  7. At (unionist) councils recycling facilities their is a need required to show prove of ID of household location. Ie the vicinity of the area. Local authority residence. Or people cannot use the dump for recycled rubbish. Leading to an increase of fly tipping in the area.

    All Councils are supported by funds from central Gov. Large remuneration of taxpayers monies. Councils can make funds from recycling. Improving rubbish collection costs. Instead of fly tipping and clearing it. People are collecting their own rubbish and delivering it to the tip. Saving public monies. People are doing it for themselves. What is the point if people are excluded or cannot use it. Unequal and unfair. Leading to illegal dumping.

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    1. Sorry to disagree with your opening sentences Anonymous, but in my Lab/Con, voting together to defeat the S.N.P, council, there is no restriction re. residency. Maybe we are the exception.


      1. Maybe they just haven’t enforced it. After all the service is only for residents of the area.
        In South Ayrshire they are now drafting in an appointment system. The ridiculous thing is some of East Ayrshire residents are closer to South Ayrshire main recycling centre in Ayr and to avoid falling foul of this new bureaucracy they will either fly-tip or travel up to double the distance to the East Ayrshire one. Madness!


  8. Daily deaths are never mentioned other than a hastily stated stat once a day, then whitewashed from the news media.

    Deaths every day (mostly and disproportionately in England) are higher than what were used to justify total lockdowns previously.

    Yet now, are simply ignored as they do not suit the WM Tory narrative.

    Lives do not matter to these tory scumbags.


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