‘Scotland should follow UK lockdown strategy’ to boost infection and death rates?

As Good Morning Scotland seeks the advice of a strip club owner on how the Scottish Government should manage exit from a pandemic, the Herald’s Brian Donnelly has a similar plan, that we should follow a ‘strategy’ based on a big buffoon.

He writes:

SCOTTISH firms gave only a wary welcome as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced the lifting of restrictions on businesses for the first time really since last March from Monday. Short-term details about mask-wearing situations were still being ironed out but the longer term was also sharply in focus.


‘Can you dance frenetically with a face mask on’, joins the ‘is this a restaurant or just a cafe’ debate as the latest stupid trivia employed in a desperate effort to trip up an SNP minister.

Should we follow the UK strategy? Well, only if you want more infections like England:

And more death:

Only if you’re too daft to be advising anybody with half a brain.

8 thoughts on “‘Scotland should follow UK lockdown strategy’ to boost infection and death rates?

  1. “SCOTTISH firms gave only a wary welcome as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced the lifting of restrictions on businesses…”

    Sorry to be so vague, but I switched on the radio in the car and came in on a BBC Scotland interview on this very topic with the owner of inter al the Cat House in Glasgow.

    Firstly, the interviewer actually said something useful (I know!). To wit: “So, it’s the 3 Ds – dancing, dining and drinking. Everywhere else, you wear a mask.”

    Now that shock’s out of the way…

    Owner’s basic points were:
    1) He’d found the info a bit confusing and had hoped for more clarity sooner
    2) It was going to take time to get back to ‘normal’ with staff etc, plus sorting out supply chains (many of whom hadn’t had sufficient help)
    3) They did want everything open ASAP, but he realised it had to be done safely. Plus he seemed to want things to stay open this time, not open and close as previously.
    4) In answer to “So will you be opening Sunday [ie after midnight] through to Monday?” No they wouldn’t. Their big opening party would be towards the end of August.

    Sounds to me like the “wary welcome” isn’t to the FM’s announcement, so much as trying to keep a balance between opening and safety.

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  2. ”Scottish firms gave a wary welcome as First Minister … ”

    ”The two or three Scottish firms who we , the BBC , have found who are prepared to get their faces on TV as we put our negative spin on each and every announcement made by the First Minister …” There , sorted it !


  3. Scottish firms gave a welcome as First Minister announced new guidelines. Keeping deaths and sickness down successfully. Sorted. If people follow them.

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  4. Firms who divulge in negativity will lose goodwill and business. Better to keep a low profile or positivity. Encouraging custom, reliability and value. Acting within reason bad rational. Making people ill is not a great business practice.


  5. Might we see everybody dancing everywhere so as they don’t have to wear a mask, in the shops as well, could be interesting. lol. I wonder which song they’d play, staying alive?

    I am waiting for a wee parcel from England, a charity I bought something from, they haven’t been able to send it out because staff have Covid and, they tell me the royal mail are saying things are taking much longer because of a lack of staff, so many having been ‘pinged’. Things are not looking great are they, in England, and it could get worse, very worrying indeed.


  6. UK lockdown strategy:-

    Do what you want.
    Go where you want.
    Socialise with whom you want (a wee bit rumpy-pumpy is GOOD for moral), but not on CCTV!

    Dont adhere to guidelines.
    Ignore rules–they are for the peasantry.
    Don’t isolate when visiting red-light countries (or red-light zones).
    Do what Boris does.
    Tories are exempt.

    Bad-mouth Nikla—misogyny is a good old-fashioned Tory trope.

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    1. Yep gavinochiltree, they might as well have that on the UK (English) Govs’ website…and if you have Covid or have been in close contact with someone who does have it, no worries, go about your normal business, NHS? Oops, sorry it’s broken, must bring in the privateers, they’ll sort it.

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