BBC Northern Ireland fails to notice they’ve topped Europe’s Covid hotspot chart

BBC Northern Ireland has noticed that they have the highest infection rate in the UK but, unlike the team at Pacific Quay, they make little of it and make no mention of their status as the ‘Covid Capital’ of the whole of Europe too.

No European country can be found above them:

I’ve pointed several times to the tendency of only BBC Scotland to politicise health issues and to platform opposition party leaders to blame the ‘SNP Government’ for any negatives:

Imagine if Reporting Scotland had an image like the one below but where Scotland was all in black?

That image would be everywhere with calls for Sturgeon and Yousaf to resign. Why are BBC Northern Ireland and the Unionist parties there not calling for their First Minister or Health Minister to go? Because they’re unionists?

6 thoughts on “BBC Northern Ireland fails to notice they’ve topped Europe’s Covid hotspot chart

  1. The “Boris Bunter Commentators” are too busy covering up Bunters “misspeaks”, blunders and outright lies to notice events outside the Imperial Capital.

    And….it is only Scotland, whose untrustworthy Sturgeonesque seas nearly DROONED oor Boris, which merits SPECIAL BBC treatment.

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  2. Now appearing on the UK page in third place stuck between “Covid: Pubs busy as most rules end in Wales” and “Archbishop of York: English people feel left behind by metropolitan elites” (I kid you not, clearly God didn’t get Gove’s memo, again).

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  3. BBC NI probably realise that they are there to report the news accurately to the people of NI.

    Whereas, at BBC Scotland their priority is to not to be made redundant, and they will do anything to try and please their masters, even if it means distorting the truth.

    Am I being cruel and heartless, maybe, but there again who would take them on when they are out of the door? The Herald and Press and Journal have a few already but there is a limit on how much mediocre staff they can employ.


  4. NI is subsidised with £Billions from Westminster for illegal bigotry. For unionist votes at Westminster. NI is at a crossroad because of Brexit and the total damage it is causing the economy. The Covid leadership is obviously lacking. Poor guidelines and administration. Rudderless at the helm. Stormount has been suspended for years.

    Unionists in NI, Loyalists are, totally, illegally bigoted, racist and misogynist. They are unequal and prejudiced. Corrupt. They break the (UK) Law with impunity for unionist votes at Westminster. The Loyalists are unequal and unfair. Breaking the Law and blackballing people. Secret societies are unequal, unfair and damage the economy, They are breaking the Law, with impunity. They are illegally prejudiced against their fellow citizens but nothing is done about it, especially in NI, They are paid excess £Billions for votes at Westminster. Against equality and the Law.

    The Royals are head of these organisations. Heads of State. Head of secret societies. Acting illegally. Against the Law. They make the Law and break the Law, with impunity. Keep it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Corruption. Trying to ensure, no one will find out.

    The Troubles were caused by Westminster. Lloyd George who caused the Illegal Partition of Ireland against the majority wishes. Illegal and unfair. Westminster unionists have supported criminality in NI for votes in Westminster. Kept it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Killing and maiming people, ruining the economy for years. An absolute disgrace. Brexit another shambles for Ireland. The people have an opportunity to reunite. Ireland is at a crossroads. Brexit chaos.

    Lack of proper guidelines, rules and administration could be the cause of higher covid cases. NI administration is incompetent and rudderless. ‘Leaders’ are not being replaced. The administration in chaos. Chaotic leadership and censorship. The Churches have privileges above the Law. The equal opportunity and employment Laws.


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