Reporting Scotland editor accused of wasting taxpayer funds to find just over 100 cases linked to Glasgow’s Euro fan zone

On the BBC Scotland website:

Glasgow’s Euro 2020 fan zone has been linked to more than 100 cases of Covid-19.

The Uefa football festival took place at Glasgow Green for the duration of the tournament in June and July.

In response to a freedom of information (FOI) request, Public Health Scotland (PHS) has revealed 103 cases were traced back to the event.

The Scottish government said that this number represented a “very small proportion” of those who attended.

In the days before the tournament kicked off, it gave the go-ahead to the fan area which could hold up to 6,000 people per day.

More than 100! Well, 103, that’s more than 100, I suppose but they must have been so disappointed. How much staff time went into this and other ratty adventures?

BBC Scotland loves FoI as a way of stirring up or more accurately, fabricating, problems in public services for which that SNP Scottish Government can be blamed. The BBC is, of course, exempt from FoI requests itself. Try asking what the viewing figures for Reporting Scotland are.

Labour’s Paul Sweeny and the Scotsman were keen to tell us that 74 000 of the Zone’s seats went unfilled and that the whole thing had been a ‘dangerous vanity project.’

40 000 seats were sold so that’s only 103 out of 40 000 who got infected, 0.25%, because it was outside?

12 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland editor accused of wasting taxpayer funds to find just over 100 cases linked to Glasgow’s Euro fan zone

  1. The lies getting found out. BBC trying to take people for fools. No wonder no one watches it. BBC costs £5Billion. Enough to alleviate poverty.

    BBC waste of time and public monies. The only thing they get right is the time,

    BBC Westminster propaganda. Pressurised. Trying to ruin people’s lives with lies and misconception. Johnston ratings 3% by the Party members. Tick tock.

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  2. I’m never entirely sure who makes these FOI requests, journalists or SG’s political opposition, but almost without fail they end up as a SG criticism piece for Scottish media (and beyond).
    I’m convinced the purpose of requesting the FOI is to permit framing of the subsequent article as being forced from the reluctant hands of SG, even if the information was already in the public domain. It feigns crusading journalism yet tells us precisely nothing.

    A quick glance across Scotland’s main and political pages this morning yet again tells nothing of interest the average punter, no current discussions, no activities, nothing.
    Even the Politics page is largely London centric, no by-elections, no policy papers, all’s quiet on the Edinburgh front.
    Where for these “crusading journalists” is the in-depth examination on the breakdown of supply chains leading to shortages ?
    Is it only Scotland who are confused? Nope. Not even the UK page dares discuss what is affecting everyone, it simply isn’t on the MSM radar despite affecting all and sundry and likely to get much worse…
    Meanwhile on Euronews

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  3. The Scottish Government and organisations under it’s control should refuse FOI requests from the secretive state broadcaster protected from FOI requests.

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    1. There’s to be a discussion on the State of The Union (the UK one) some time after 9am news bulletin on GMS BBC Radio Scotland


  4. “Paul Sweeny and the Scotsman”.
    Says it all really. Labour and a neo-con yellow rag.

    But Labours Wee Brian Wilson tops it in the same colonial Tory paper.
    NOT by criticising what Boris actually said, but by imagining what Boris Bunter COULD have said–and NO, I havent read it–lives too short.

    by Wee Brian Wislon.

    “Imagine Wee Brian is Boris,
    Its easy if you try.
    Tory-lite ‘R’ both of us
    policies pie-in-the-sky.
    Imagine all the Scots, desperate for a say
    ah, ah, ah-ha

    They may say I’m a dreamer,
    That Holyrood is gone.
    Doesnt matter what the Scots want,
    We’ll all be ruled from Lond o n…………………..”

    With apologies to John Lennon and Vlad Lenin.
    More socialist than “Scottish Labour could ever imagine.

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  5. This is the organisation, that since the start of lockdown and the various restrictions has had a parade of spokespersons for the hospitality industry demanding relaxations and telling us that they have done ‘everything possible’, have had its football pundits demanding crowds back into stadia with the Chair of Aberdeen FC threatening legal action, spokespeople from the ‘soft play’ businesses, spokespersons for those demanding access to care homes, who have been celebrating the return of events with crowds, such as the 60 000 ‘well-behaved’ England fans at the EURO football finals at Wembley, etc.

    They will produce data that the joyous celebration of Rangers winning of the Championship in George Square cured thousands of the halt and lame and cleansed the bodies of those attending of any traces of Covid19. They will tell us that as a result of the miracles Pope Francis will announce that people should make pilgrimages to Ibrox rather than Lourdes …… (Have I gone too far????)

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      1. I was listening to the football on Radio Scotland this afternoon (Saturday). The first match was Dundee United versus Rangers, but, from the conversation amongst the assembled punditry and commentators before the match, you could be forgiven for asking who ‘CHAMPIONS’ Rangers were playing? It was all about the ‘invincibles’, the best team in the country’, the statistics of matches played was relayed in awed terms, players and management of Rangers were referred to mainly by their first names. At one stage, I thought that I might actually be listening to the sound track of Rangers TV.

        After Dundee United had won the match, things moved on the the St Mirren v Hearts match. The first topic of conversation was the size of the crowd. Why was it only 5 000? They could see a ‘whole swathe of grandstand unoccupied. There were contemptuous sneers about bureaucracy and vague GOVERNMENT rules lacking in clarity. This went on for a while, until Steven Thomson (Ex-St Mirren and Rangers player) stated that St Mirren had not asked Renfrewshire Council for permission to have a larger crowd. The commentary team of an organisation that was earlier in the day condemning the number of infections arising from a well-organised event over several days at Glasgow Green, was demanding that MORE people be allowed to enter the more congested space in the St Mirren stands, a space much more congested than that which was at the Glasgow Green events.


  6. The classic in this one has to be this
    “The figure is still a substantial increase since 30 June, when a PHS report said 55 cases were linked to the facility.”
    Well, I suppose 2 is a 100% increase on 1.

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