No more lockdowns ANY MOAH!!!

On the 7th August, in the Times, we read:

Lockdowns are unlikely to be needed again, government scientific advisers have said, as official figures showed a clear fall in coronavirus cases.

Data from the Office for National Statistics, considered the gold standard for infection rates, confirmed the first clear drop outside of lockdown. Even normally cautious scientists said that the time of draconian restrictions had probably passed.

An increase in cases in September is widely expected as workers return to offices and school and university terms begin, but there is growing confidence that this can be managed without a return to compulsory social distancing.

That ‘clear drop’ refers to the period from the 22nd of July, when cases in England began dropping from 77.4 per 100K to 41.4 on August 2nd, still twice the level in Wales and Scotland, at 20.7.

But, since August 2nd, cases in England had soared by nearly 40% to August 6th, leaving the 7 day rolling average at best flat, for the moment.

MSM are not covering this and the Times piece smells desperate.



What planet?

10 thoughts on “No more lockdowns ANY MOAH!!!

  1. Saw it last nite on Sky news review of the papers
    So called media experts reviewing were ecstatic
    Thought they had just won the € lottery
    Just like the chattering classes of the metropolis
    They nothing about nothing
    Ignorance in their case appears to be a permanent state of Bliss
    Just wait till Delta mutates into a fold 3 form any where in the world
    Already in its current form this variant is outwitting vaccines and the immune system of those previously infected
    Also early studies are showing % of infections leading to long covid are increasing with Delta
    So who are the experts
    No way at least some of the scientists are
    Warning of what now has a very high chance of arising
    Covid 19 is NOT like Spanish flu,which burnt itself out in 3 to 4 yrs
    This one has very serious potential to be extremely virulent,nasty for all age groups
    Remember Delta currently is only a fold 2 variant
    If it makes it to fold 3
    Then it will make it to fold 4
    And that opens the Gates of Hell


      1. John
        Folds 1 to 4 are used to simplify the terminology of mutations in Corona viruses
        Basically evolution and nature has designed simple viruses without any DNA of their own but only RNA
        So they have to invade the hosts cells and hijack some of the hosts DNA in order to replicate
        This leads to many mutations on a on going basis most of them not given the virus a added competitive advantage
        Therefore we only refer to fold mutations and only when the virus mutates to its own advantage in ensuring its survival
        Wuhan to Kent Fold 1 more contagious
        Require lower transnission dosage and invades host cell more easily
        Kent to Delta. Fold 2 certainly more contagious and aggressive,along with ability to outwit to some extent natural immunity and vaccines
        Delta has 34 genetic changes to its geneome
        The more the changes the more virulent
        It becomes
        So if a large genomic change occurs with
        Delta then more infective and aggresive
        That is a Fold 3
        If a Fold 3 mutates with a larger genomic change
        Then that is a Fold 4
        Because a fold 4 has many genetic changes to fold 1
        Little doubt you natural immune system
        Rendered almost useless
        And vaccines also,all because they are made on the basis of the original Wuhan

        Delta has now appeared in China
        And they are being even more ruthless with it than the original
        China knows and fully understand what they are dealing with
        They have 90 million contact tracers and lockdown locally fast and furious
        Their test and trace system is phenomenal
        Further more China all too aware of economic consequences of failing to control and respond expeditiously
        Capitalism is far too greedy to do so
        China now taking full advantage to end once and for all Western economic and military hegemony,as we are propelled backwards and they surge forward

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          1. Robert
            I attempt to explain matters in a simplistic way so all can comprehend
            Sorry for rattling on but sometimes more words are reqd.for the penny to drop


        1. So vaccinating in poorer countries is essential, as are restrictions about large groups sports etc taking place and of course, masks. Why do people have mask phobia? It’s proven to stop the spread of diseases, oh I forgot, it’s ‘draconian’. The right wing rags have a lot to answer for in there encouragement for complacency. The rich will have plans to go into bunkers if required and or, they will be developing more vaccines which they will have first dibs on. This is not over by any means.

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    1. James
      Oh it is not a band that is playing
      It is a full orchersta and choir
      They are enthralled by
      All spewing wonderful mood music
      Rule Britannia
      Land of Disease and Despair
      Simply the best
      We are the Champions
      Whilst we Scots head for the lifeboats
      Humming gently
      I wanna break free


  2. ‘Draconian restrictions’. What is an inconvience to some, is prison to others, depending on which daily rags they read and which TV news they watch.
    Infection levels in London and north of England are creeping up again, purely because there are no ‘restrictions’, not even a requirement to wear masks indoors. Great.

    I find the removal of my EU citizenship and everything that memebership brought with it, really rather restricting, as I am sure lots of people do. Becoming ill with a deadly virus because of people spreading it around is quite restricting I am sure, being in a hospital bed, wired up, covered head to toe in PPE, tubes everywhere, hm, that is a terrifying thought and I am sure very restricting.

    One things this pandemic has shown us, at least half of the people on the planet are absolute selfish idiots. I watched Dr. Campbell yesterday, and he had the Dr on from Australia where the infection rates are going up, and majority of thsoe being hospitalised have not been vaccinated. There are many anti vaxers there, and they just have not been vaccinating enough people anyway, so it’s lockdown for parts of NSW, and ‘restrictions’ for other parts of Oz, they have been far too relaxed about it all, and the message from their news according to what my ex pat brother says, is pointing the finger at individuals, not government, not surprised at all.


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