Is Johnson’s August ‘Freedom Day’ for England under threat by surge?

Tempting fate?

Only six days ago, after only 7 days of falling case numbers, 21 days in Scotland but that ignored, cases have surged for the last two, in England, by nearly 40%. Cases have increased noticeably in Scotland too but by around 20% and from a much lower base level of less than 50% of the level in England. The MSM are holding their collective breaths.

Yesterday, much of international travel was opened up for all parts of the UK. Rangers have announced full crowds.

Self-isolation rules following a coronavirus contact will be lifted for the fully vaccinated in England from August 16.

If you look closely, you can see the fall in the 7 day average for England has stalled, slightly increased since Monday 2nd, and if the daily surge continues, will start to climb again. Today’s figures will be important.

The huge difference between the scenario and thus the sensible reaction between Scotland and both England and Northern Ireland is made crystal clear in the map?

Close Cairn Ryan!!!

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2 thoughts on “Is Johnson’s August ‘Freedom Day’ for England under threat by surge?

  1. I notice Dr. Campbell is saying (yesterday) the ‘UK’ has it seemed, dodged a bullet because the surge expected post July 19th, (no mention of Eng only ‘freedom day’) hasn’t transpired, so everythings looking ok then. I have to disagree, when you have people dying, and yesterday it was 86, and 30k new cases, the bullet is not dodged. Looks like the thinking is, many people die of flu each year, and thousands are hospitalised, so why worry about a few dying of Covid now. Who had a wee word in the good Dr’s ear I wonder, do not embarass the EngGov or else?

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