Tiny Chinese ‘surge’ swamped by English ‘tsunami’

In the Guardian today:

China records highest daily Delta count China reported its highest daily Covid-19 count in its current outbreak of the Delta variant, reporting 124 new cases on Thursday, including 80 local transmissions, reports Helen Davidson in Taiwan.

How does that look on a graph?

What? England had 41 cases for every 100 000 people yesterday and China had virtually zero? But they had a ‘surge’ yesterday. Wait, I know, China has a population of 1.5 billion, more than 20 times that of England. Let’s see a proper graph! OK:

What? England had 23 275 cases yesterday, up 40% from the previous day, in total and China only had 88.7 in total?

Remember when England looked for consolation toward Italy, USA, Brazil and India? Try looking at Westminster?

2 thoughts on “Tiny Chinese ‘surge’ swamped by English ‘tsunami’

  1. But obviously Johnson’s World Beating vaccination program will reduce …oops !
    Perhaps we can use a former Scottish Labour ‘Leader’s’ words :
    ”The English ( and Johnson ) are not genetically programmed to make Health decisions ”


  2. Despite its ‘progressive’ attitude – which it trumpets – The Guardian has always had a strong English nationalist (England and Britain are coterminous) slant for decades, particularly when it shifted from Manchester to London and dropped the name ‘Manchester’ (implications of black pudding, coal mines, and people who spoke oddly, unlike those such as Kier Starmer, who lived in North London).

    So, the anglocentric framing of the headline is the default position.

    To be fair, the Guardian is one of the few metropolitan newspapers which actually does present some insightful progressive views, via columnists like George Monbiot, John Harris, Nesrine Malik, but, it does have Severin Carrel and Libby Brooks, who are its ‘Scotland is pure bad’ correspondents.

    Yesterday, one of its editorials loftily announced that because Mr Johnson is visiting Scotland this is a welcome sign that the ‘nationalist’ (sic) peak has passed. The Guardian always gives major space to any utterances by Bodger Broon.

    So, the trendies of North London simply cannot understand why these Scotch persons want to leave.

    London, is, of course, the place in the UK with the greatest disparities in wealth and power and in many boroughs there is genuinely radical, redistributive community based politics often by BAME, feminist, XR, LGBTI+ based groups. Although London is one of the few places remaining in England which actually votes substantially for Labour, the ‘new’ Labour Thatcherites are pretty a active in hounding these groups, as we saw with the hounding of Jeremy Corbyn supporters and the mendacious claims of ‘anti-semitism’, which redoubtable figures like Michael Rosen refuted.

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