Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer ‘treating Scots like fools’ on transmission charges


From SNP Media:

The SNP has Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer are “treating Scots like fools” with their empty rhetoric on renewable energy – as Scotland suffers from the highest transmission charges in Europe under Westminster control.

Alan Brown MP said the sky-high charges, imposed by the last Labour government in 2005 and maintained by the Tories for more than a decade, are the “biggest barrier” to Scotland’s renewable potential – holding back investment and blocking the creation of green jobs.

The SNP spokesperson on Energy and Climate Change said the charges made a mockery of Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer’s claims on the environment, and their visit only served to remind people that Scotland would be better off as an independent country, with the full powers to maximise renewable energy and secure a strong, fair and green recovery.

It follows new research from the Renewable Infrastructure Development Group (RIDG), published in May, which revealed the UK’s high transmission charges are putting billions of pounds of green infrastructure investment at risk by giving the advantage to EU energy imports at the expense of Scottish schemes.

The RIDG analysis found operators in Germany, France and the Netherlands are able to export energy significantly cheaper than projects in Scotland, because they pay very low transmission charges, or none at all – leaving the UK at risk of becoming a net importer of renewable energy in the decades ahead.

On average, EU generators pay £0.46 per megawatt hour (MWh) in transmission system charges, while in Scotland the average is £6.42/MWh in 2021, and £7.36/MWh in the north of Scotland. Of the 36 countries in the European transmission network, 20 do not charge generators at all and only five levy charges based on location. In stark contrast, RIDG forecasts that Scottish offshore wind projects will pay £10/MWh – around a quarter of a project’s revenue – to access the grid in the years ahead.

Commenting, SNP Spokesperson for Energy and Climate Change, Alan Brown MP said:

“Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer are treating Scots like fools with their empty rhetoric on renewable energy – when it is Westminster’s sky high transmission charges that are the biggest barrier to Scotland’s renewable potential.

“These damaging UK government charges are the highest in Europe – leaving Scotland at a major disadvantage to other European operators, blocking billions of pounds of investment and the creation of crucial green jobs.

“Westminster has shown it can’t be trusted on renewable energy. These charges make a mockery of the claims being made by Johnson and Starmer. Their flying visit only serves to remind people that Scotland would be better off as an independent country, with the full powers needed to maximise renewable energy and build a strong, fair and green recovery.

“Scotland has 25% of Europe’s wind resources and 60% of the UK’s offshore wind capacity. Despite being held back by Westminster, the Scottish Government is leading a renewables revolution but only the full powers of independence can unleash Scotland’s maximum potential.

“Until these UK government charges are scrapped once and for all, Scotland will be left at a significant disadvantage to other European operators – with the cost to Scottish operators set to rise even further in the years ahead as a result of Westminster’s negligence.”

RIDG report:

9 thoughts on “Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer ‘treating Scots like fools’ on transmission charges

    1. Yes, this is another example of Bodger Broon’s ‘pooling and sharing’. All of the electricity is produced in Scotland, and we share it with England and Wales, but not only do we share our electricity, we very charitably charge ourselves more to offset the cost of sharing the electricity with England and Wales. This is clearly a benefit of the union …. for England and Wales.

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  1. O/T I should know better, known what to expect but there you go! I watched BBC 1’s Olympic coverage of the track cycling this morning.

    In the studio were Hazel Irvine and Chris Hoy. (Anything in common?)

    Following on from Jack Carlin’s sprint bronze medal win, at c.10.45am an enthusiastic Hoy made what might seem to be a relevant and reasonable comment. In terms, Hoy casually and very briefly said that Carlin was another welcome success for Scottish cycling.

    Quick as a flash, Irvine responds (in terms) ‘he was riding in Team GB kit’. Well that is blindingly obvious – but so what? Because of its timing, this came across as a rebuke. Was this an instinctive response from Irvine, a Scot; a response required by firm and clear prior BBC editorial policy briefing; a voice in her ear piece? And immediately Irvine goes on to refer to wonderful riders from all parts of the UK.

    More evidence of creeping, insidious ‘homogenisation’!

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  2. The upcoming COP meet in Glasgow
    Is the ideal opportunity for Nicola in full
    View of the Worlds,s media, to blow the lid completely off this tin containing not worms but a nest of vipers
    Pick your moment to do so
    Name and shame them to expose Westminster as none other than 2 faced
    And for once leave them to pick up the Mess after the S**t hits the fan

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    1. Er have you not heard? Nicola Sturgeon is basically banned by the EngGov, from attending COP26 in November.
      I think that will change because the international contingent are not daft,
      (unless they are) and would know that Scotland’s own government leader was being blocked from attending or speaking. I have an idea, if the EngGov keep the ban in place, a petition would be in order, and, contacting international attendees prior to the event, can’t be that hard. They could be sent info such as the facts in John’s article here, and see what they think about that etc.

      I bet the EngGov will do everything to claim that renewables in Scotland is their project, and don’t be surprised if they announce a few £millions bung to Scottish (UK) renewables, to back up their lies. What though will they say about all the oil they still intend extracting from Scottish territorial waters?
      Might they just try to lay that one on Scotland? It won’t be easy twisting that one around, but they will try. The EngGov will be plotting from now until COP26, to deny Scotland a voice, and to talk themselves up as the most bestest greenest environmentalist climate warriors on the planet…
      when we all know the actual opposite is true, they are money making greedy disaster capitalists, short termists (except in cosy seats in government) who care nothing for the future of the planet.
      They really will try to bend the truth to benefit themselves, and their country of England.
      I’d be up for standing at the event entrance with a placard…

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  3. No one can stop our Scottish government of holding a press conference for all attendant Nations
    Here is the way to do it
    1.At a time of our choosing and of the highest strategic value
    2. We choose the location
    3.We choose who are the most prominent
    Leaders to extend the invitation to
    Use all networks to max effect,such as our very close relationship to Ireland who in turn have a very real special relationship with Biden
    Also include the movers and shakers in the EU who would only be more than happy to stab Boris not in the back but in the front upper chest
    Their are in truth many enemies of Westminster through out the World
    Especially the Arab Muslim nations
    Who hold Scotland in high regard especially the compassion shown to the Lockerbie ( alleged) bomber,many of them fossil fuel producers who will require our world class expertise in marine energy renewables
    4.We deploy the most effective destructive of wording to floor and expose Westminster for what they truly are
    Just like Bruce,s Chiltern at Bannockburn
    Laid waste to Edward 2 nd heavy cavalry

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  4. Scotland makes £Billions from renewables. Corporation tax, profits etc. Income tax. Increasing continually feeding through, Scotland is the best place in the world geographically (pro rata). A huge potential undiminished. Wave, solar and power. Including the technology (from previous Oil activities). Deep sea experience and manufacture. Potential increasing all the time. An exciting future. Carbon capture and storage needs developing.

    Any additional/ higher costs and charges will be absorbed by consumers in the south, were the energy is going, by higher costs and prices. Any higher or extra costs are absorbed by the consumers in higher energy charges. Comes back to Scotland in increased revenues. Companies having to cover any higher unrealistic charges. Scotland does not bear the costs. The consumers in the south do. More of them and spread over a smaller area.

    Independent Scotland would reap the development and the increase in revenues and benefits even further. Making increased benefits from renewables. Scotland is covered in coal. Black gold. With CCS the profits and remuneration could be an advantage. Scotland no longer runs on coal or Oil but renewables,

    £Billions in increased revenues from renewables are possible. A healthy, prosperous future. independence would release a even better potential. £Billions more. Instead of Westminster waste and bad mismanagement taking £Billions from Scotland. Including higher connection charges. Paid by consumers in higher electric costs. . A waste of time and energy.

    Westminster wasting £Billions of Scottish funds on wasteful rubbish. Scotland in surplus (25%) and near the source. Consumers should pay 10% less. Unequal and unfair for parity. The inequality in Britain. The North/South divide. Unequal and unfair. The UK one of the most unequal places in the world. Time for a change.


  5. The COP26 Conference will show piece Scotland and all the potential development. Bring in £Billions in revenues. The scenery, the hospitality, the friendliness, the great food and drink industry. The energy potential. The education and medical facilities, Win, win. Gain friends and influence worldwide. World famous bridges and countryside. The tourist facilities. Televised and streamed worldwide on the internet.

    No Westminster Gov can influence and change the wonders of Scotland for visitors. Scotland will come out better for it. A great opportunity. The rest is white noise. Better to be ignored.


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