Cases surge in England by nearly 40% in one day and no media reaction

There were 26 393 cases recorded in England yesterday, up 7 381 or 38.8% on the previous day.

In Scotland, cases went up 20%, in Wales the increase was less than 10% and in Northern Ireland, they fell slightly.

While this may be a statistical blip, the lack of media attention in England/UK is notable.

When cases in Scotland rose 10% on June 30th, BBC Scotland reacted quickly:

BBC Scotland also saw ‘surges’ on 3rd April, 23rd June, 24th June and 7th July.

If 10% is a ‘surge’, is 40% a ‘tsunami?’

3 thoughts on “Cases surge in England by nearly 40% in one day and no media reaction

  1. The BBC in Scotland only see what they are told to see. They only “report” todays news, as was written in London yesterday.

    “Scotlands” media won’t want to embarrass Bunter by asking serious questions, or reading out quotes from the “Great Mans” past.

    Or ask why he is too chicken to hold a face-to-face with the elected First Minister of Scotland.

    “DRossie, get my bags, will you? Good lad”!

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    1. Indeed, it’s a few years in the jail if journos ’embarass’ the English government.
      I wonder if that new law extends to others. I notice Dr Campbell on YT is less critical of the English government recently and talks down the serious situation in England, though England is always called the ‘UK’.
      Though he did report yesterday that since the pandemic, 25 children in ‘England’ have died of Covid. Very sad.


  2. As always Proof Positive that the Dark Forces of Westminster, not only control the ABC ( BBC) overall but do so with a continuous presence giving out directives on a on going basis
    To do so requires a structure of a command and control system with each on both sides knowing the form and their place

    On This Tues night the olympics were the headlines and main leading article on ABC 2000 hrs news
    Of 23 edited screen displays the Union Jack was prominent and obvious to all in 17 of them
    From all the footage taken this was NO editing accident
    So not only what they say is well edited
    Especially what they cannot say
    But visuals also firmly under the control of Dark Forces
    If you watch very carefully on a ongoing basis such becomes very obvious
    Big Brother now well and truly in control

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