Safe injection rooms: Classics graduate and dentist know better?

Today, we hear: Boris Johnson says he is “instinctively” opposed to drug consumption rooms, which the Scottish government wants to introduce.’

Johnson is a Classics graduate and former journalist.

In April and often before, we heard Scottish Labour leader say that it was ‘common sense’ not to send patients from hospitals back into care homes. Ignoring the evidence that such discharges caused no outbreaks, may have improved infection control in homes and that agency staff were, inadvertently, responsible for the outbreaks, he kept repeating his mantra.

Sarwar is a dentist and politician.

Johnson’s views fly in the face of the evidence:

The largest review ever undertaken, of 349 research studies, from across the globe though mostly in Europe, carried out by the Centre for Criminology at the University in South Wales in 2017, found that ‘safe’ or ‘supervised’ injection rooms significantly reduced drug-related harms, dramatically cut mortality and offered a range of benefits for the wider population, in terms of reduced crime, nuisance in public spaces, violence and trafficking.

But Boris Johnson thinks differently.

6 thoughts on “Safe injection rooms: Classics graduate and dentist know better?

  1. Hmm, yes watched a bit of Broadcasting Scotland earlier where this was discussed again. Good discussion but switched off when interviewer started asking why Scotland has such high deaths when rUK don’t and they ‘don’t have safe consumption rooms either’. Will have to tune back in, but, I’m sure I read that in fact England has set up safe consumption rooms in all but name. Anyone know re that?
    One thing, Scotland has no border control, and no effective marine policing, as it’s a reserved power to the EngGov, and perhaps the distribution of drugs is on a bigger scale in Scottish communities, easy peasy. Perhaps the scale of the problem of drugs gangs moving into Scotland is also bigger than we know about.
    Imagine the ‘freeports’ that the EngGov have planned around our coasts ain’t going to help at all either.

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    1. “I’m sure I read that in fact England has set up safe consumption rooms in all but name” – I originally heard trials had been set up, but IIRC Lesly Riddoch wrote a piece recently on the topic which implied some English authorities had set up such facilities without HMG approval, and SG should do the same..

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  2. A few years ago under social care. Funds from the Scottish Gov SNHS we’re diverted to (unionist) councils to fund addiction services at a local level. The (unionist) councils did not fund proper total abstinence ‘one chance’ rehab facilities. Instead (unionist) councils channelled the monies into other facility/services, which are not life and death.

    Putting people on methadone for years because it is ‘cheaper’. A false economy. It just leads to higher costs. SNHS Police, fire social care, prison (£40,000 a year). Higher costs than proper, total abstinence rehab facilities to keep people well. People take methadone (just as bad as heroin) and other substances. That is why more people die. A higher death rate. Prevention is better than cure.

    There are (less) no longer better facilities to which Drs can refer people. To get them well. Heads of social care/depts (drug rehabilitation services) appointed by the (unionist) councils believe proper total abstinence facilities do not work or are too expensive.. A fallacy. Thousands of lives. Millions worldwide have been saved by proper total abstinence, one chance facilities. Making people well.

    The (unionist) councils lack of increased funding for facilities is responsible for increased deaths. They were given the extra funding but did not provide the proper facilities/services. More people died. There was an increased of deaths. Providing
    ‘local’ democracy did not work.

    The proper facilities being provided was life or death. Ignored by (unionist) councils. The weakest link. Not providing proper essential services but squandering public monies on all sorts of unnecessary blunders. Eg building empty shops and office (£Millions wasted) with shop doorways for people to die/homeless. The folly of the (unionist) councils. STV the weakest link. For defiance of Scottish Gov policies. Then they blame the Scottish Gov. The unionist parties (members) are responsible. They could not organise essential services. That is why they have such few members and support, especially in Scotland. The Scottish Gov is now having to sort it out, as usual. Taking all the blame of others, even the critics where the fault lies, Total hypocrites,

    £250million (5 years) has now been funded. Spend £Millions to save £Billions., Hopefully the (unionist) councils will not muck it up again at a local level. They have difficulty organising comprehensive services. Putting monies elsewhere from what was intended. Mucking up again bad again. Not fit for public office at a local level.

    I There are so few of them joining unionist parties, especially in Scotland. There would be less, zilch drug deaths. If (unionist) councils followed policies properly. The weakest link. Hopefully adieu soon with Independence. Better facilities. Westminster Gov mismanagement of Scottish funds. Leading to increased early deaths and poverty.

    It is the same in the south a recent report suggested. The figures are manipulated. recorded differently for comparison.

    Historical mismanaged of the Scottish revenues and finances by the Westminster Gov. Illegally kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Not open Gov.

    Iraq, Dunblane and Lockerbie kept secret for a 100 years. Illegal wars, financial fraud, tax evasion. Trident, Hinkley Point and HS2 etc have cost Scotland dear. Independence will make Scotland, a better more equal, prosperous place. With Jess unnecessary deaths. Westminster colossal interference in Scottish matters. Total mismanagement and corruption. Diverting Scottish funds to support London S/E was corruption and disrupted. The North/South divide. In defiance of International Law. Non democratic.

    ‘Safe?’ drug rooms might work in the short term but no in the long term. People need adequate proper services directed to make people well over the long term.

    MUP has cut consumption and deaths. Scotland historical had higher addiction problems by comparison. It was 25% higher. (Westminster Gov policies). The gap has lower considerable, now 10%? Under the SNP Scottish Gov policies in the last years. A considerable success rate. Less deaths. Labour did not support MUP but complain about earlier death statistics.

    The UK, USA and Iraq have the worst drug (drink) addiction problems in the world. The Taliban and other Govs stopped the production of opiates. Less available. Other substances replaced heroin. Chemical factory based

    Religions, culture etc have a part to play. In some religions alcohol, cigarette consumption is not allowed. Forbidden. People are healthier because of it. It is only because of recent medical sciences development that damage has been realised.

    Children in schools are now given information and learning programmes as to the dangers substance abuse effects on the human body and life expectancy.

    Once people were encouraged to smoke and drink to relax and relieve stress and tension. It is a depressant. Leading to more depression with an increase of consumption. That is now essential information. A choice of a better lifestyle and exercise is healthier. Common knowledge. The message is getting through. Life expectancy was increasing. It will decrease because of smoking, drinking and obesity. If some people do not change direction.


    1. I am interested in your comment regarding diversion of Scottish Government funds by unionist councils to other services. I would be grateful for a link to this as I think it merits sharing

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    2. I am interested in your comment regarding diversion of Scottish Government funds by unionist councils to other services. I would be grateful for a link to this as I think it merits sharing


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