Is deceit a Lib Dem requirement?

In the Herald today:

Covid travel misery for fully-vaccinated patients missing from Scots jag database:

AN ITALIAN national living in Glasgow says she feels “trapped in a crazy bureaucratic nightmare” over failed attempts to obtain her Covid vaccination certificate.

Paola Rizzato, 48, received both of her jags in Glasgow after moving from England to Scotland with her English husband in February, but there is no record of her in the NHS Inform website which links patients to their certificates.

Paolo is not new to this Herald ‘PREMIUM’ world. On May 26th:

A woman who moved to Scotland from England says she was left “at her wit’s end” trying to chase a missing vaccine appointment through the national Covid helpline. Paola Rizzato, 48, was overlooked for her first vaccination despite registering with a GP surgery immediately after arriving in Glasgow with her husband, a healthcare worker, in March.

Here’s a thought or two:

Why didn’t she contact her GP again? Or her MSP or MP office? Why straight to the Herald?

Was it the GP’s failure rather than the helpline per se? Is the GP an in-law of Anas Sarwar or Monica Lennon’s cousin?

What percentage out of the thousands vaccinated every day are ‘overlooked?’ Less than 0.1%?

What kind of reporting is the above?

Is Paolo the Lib Dem activist who nominated a candidate in the East Sussex County Council elections in 2017?

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8 thoughts on “Is deceit a Lib Dem requirement?

  1. I applaud anyone who reads, listen or watches the propaganda churned out relentlessly by people whose only aim is to harm our country, and its people.
    For the sake of my mental health I gave up on the 19th, September, 2014, so many thanks to all the supporting Scottish Independence blogs, and contributors, who keep me informed.

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  2. They have to register with a Dr practice. To get a unique national health number this obtains access to the system. Computer system Their first point of call should have been the Doctor’s surgery. Not the Press. How ignorant are some people. If just shows how affective is the SNHS in vaccinated unregistered people. A separate issue for gathered information. Better overall to be vaccinated than not. The pair work could have been issued by a Drs surgery.

    Or just trouble causing to show up their ignorance and arrogance.


  3. In the pandemic every Dr surgery are very busy. An phone call or e-Mail would have brought a swift response. Do they not have the relevant internet connect being new to the area. Just a trip to the surgery and a note would have sufficed. Do they not know how the system works. A bit of additional information. What a fuss about nothing. Unbelievable.

    An illegitimate complaint. To try and smear all over the press. The total lack of gratitude. Another own goal of ignorance., that will be called out. Have some people not got something better to do to help other. Self centred, ignorant and arrogant. A bit of cheap publicity that back fires. Give people in busy situations the benefit of the doubt. Pandemic conditions adds more stress. A matter of life or death.


  4. Apart from the moaning illiberal LibDem , how many other ”fully vaccinated ” travellers have been hit by this ”failure ” ?
    Is it thousands , or hundreds , perhaps a few dozen or is it less than double figures – or is it one only , mentioned by name in the article ?
    Another shining example of first rate journalism – or unionist propaganda .

    P.S. Note to Herald editor – don’t use same named single source of SNPbaaaad story twice within short time . Some bloggers have memories longer than the average Herald reader .

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  5. Corroborating your stories used to be a journalistic requirement.
    More than a single source.
    When we had journalists, worthy of the name.
    When we had newspapers, worthy of the name.

    Oh, well!

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  6. Well spotted Great call out. Well done.

    What deceit will they get up to next? Totally unwarranted attacks on the SNHS. That will get them absolutely anywhere. Anything to cause trouble. Lies. Total hypocrites.

    The SNHS has massive support and good will, Any unwarranted criticism will not be supported.

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