SQA assessment was criticised by no one who knows anything about education

Once more, Reporting Scotland pursues a story on the SQA assessment system not seen as current or relevant anywhere else, even within BBC Scotland:

On Monday, we had the rubbish non-story, literally from nowhere ie the GMB, about street cleaners being advised to turn down an offer they wouldn’t be getting anyway:

The story appeared nowhere else.

Today in an interview with the SQA head, we’re reminded that the school-based testing run by teachers in familiar classrooms, to replace the dread algorithm in the previous year, was being ‘heavily criticised‘.

By whom? Go on, tell us.

Well, Willie Rennie (don’t), 16 year-old Deni and Dylan and one geography teacher, Brian and, of course, presumably Prof Lynsey Paterson (bean counter) has been going round the UK embarrassing us with his lack of real knowledge or indeed any actual experience in education.

Who hasn’t criticised the assessment in schools? Well, the teacher unions don’t seem to be and educationists? I can’t find a single reputable critic anywhere.

Reporting Scotland gets an A pass from me…..in pure propaganda.

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10 thoughts on “SQA assessment was criticised by no one who knows anything about education

  1. As usual for ABC (BBC )
    Coital Bovine Scatology
    Utterly pointless
    Of no use what soever
    And all paid for by Public money
    Any paying the licence fee is in need of
    Mental health counselling
    Far less financial counselling

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      1. Joe86nmr
        But i just call out what things really are
        A spade is a spade no matter its shape or construction
        They all dig holes and in the case of the MSM they fill the excavated hole they dig with Feaces
        Which in turn is indeed their own grave
        S**t Falling into its own S**t

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  2. John, is it possible that HMS Sarah Smith under the guidance of DG Andrew FN Bowie RNF are going down the plausible deniability rabbit-hole ?
    They’ve taken such a battering of late from what they’ve published…

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  3. When young we as kids used to mark time with the ‘seasonal’ favourites – a period of playing ‘tennis’ ( when Wimbledon was on ) , ‘putting’ ( when The Open was on ) ,’ bools’ ( marbles to the uninitiated ) , ”conkers” in the Autumn , football all the time .
    The BBC appears to have its own ”favourites ” to mark the passing seasons – we’ve had their usual complaints on , Drug Deaths , ‘Flu vaccinations ( replaced by Covid ) , hospitals / waiting times , and so we come to the perennial SQA complaints .
    Next will be the SG’s slow progress in solving the Council housing shortage
    ( ignored by Labour-Libdem coalition ) to be followed by GERS and the solemn pronouncements that we are ”too wee , too poor ….etc ” .

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  4. It’s probably not on Youtube (pity) but Martin Geissler’s interview with Larry Flanagan on the Nine a few weeks ago was a classic of the genre. Geissler began by bowling nice slow balls for Flanagan to hit the SG out of the ground. He didnt. When that didnt work, Geissler chucked in the critical points himself and asked Flanagan what he thought – he disagreed. At one point, Geissler was daft enough to preface a question with “Unless I am wrong ….” to which Flanagan (no chum of the SG, I would bet) said, “Yes Martin, you are wrong”.

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  5. Scotland has one of the best education system in the world. Only dunces dispute that fact. 10 mins on the internet gives the relevant facts. Totally incompetent ‘Journalists’ should go back to school. Especially the ones who cannot analyse statistics or count. English and comprehension is a problem for them. Plus computers skills. Writing and reading skills are also absent. Embarrassing,

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  6. Prof P. is part of the problem. Responsibility? Any problems should be sorted out. Not constantly complained about. The Education Depts organise the courses and modules for teacher training.


  7. The SQA and the ‘teacher assessments’ though are bound together by what I ( as a parent of a ‘Highers2021 child’) perceive as the SQA meddling in the teacher assessment process to the extent that they would only accept ‘their’ type of assessment, which was exams by another name. No cognition to be taken of all of the marked pupil work during the academic year when assessing grades; only the ‘assessment’ grades to be used and reference to earlier work could only be grudgingly referenced if the ‘assessment’ result was ‘significantly’ different from the predicted result.
    Teachers and pupils worked astoundingly hard to gather evidence of ongoing learning from day 1 of last school year and then had that whipped from under them by the SQA.
    I may be wrong; but I do not think so.
    So I have been critical – but I am aware my criticism may arise through ignorance that the SQA has done nothing to dispel.


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