11 thoughts on “Alex Cole-Hamilton Exposed!

  1. Wee Alex – Acting like a Tory landlord and in an article in the Spectator has been brown-nosing Baroness Davidson of ‘London Links’ !
    Not unexpected as he probably won his seat with more Tory votes than LibDems in Edinburgh .
    His next move may be to discard any pretence that he is liberal or democratic .

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      1. Did the Electoral Commission ever get to the bottom of his Election expenses? Mind you it’s really a bit complicated having to account separately for being a candidate on both the Constituency and the List so one can hardy be blamed for making the odd mistake.

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  2. Stunned.

    Most of the Tory MP’s etc are landlords and landowners. They fund the Tory Party. So are many (unionist) councillors.

    It is difficult to get an Airbnb let (or accommodation) in Glasgow or Edinburgh at short notice. All booked up by visitors. Quite expensive. Scotland makes £Billions from tourism. Edinburgh one of the most visited capitals in the world (pro rata).

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  3. This massive money making scheme for the mostly very well off really does need regulating. It’s a big problem in Edinburgh, reducing available rentals for residents, but also it impacts on services, and of course there was a lull during lockdown, sort of but not really, in our area.

    There has to be a tax , and/or very high council tax on these properties, and fines for properties just binning what should be recycled. We get fed up of seeing bins full of stuff that should never end up in landfill, air b&b’s tend not to sort rubbish and recycle. It seems like a small issue but it is impacting on services imo. There is a huge problem in Edinburgh with far too many of the huge town houses building actual sizeable buildings at the end of their huge gardens, to either sell or rent for air B&B, reducing the capacity for water drainage, also a problem with people paving over their gardens for parking etc. Nice easy cash though eh, Hamilton is taking twice as much in rent from his air b&b rental if he gets £10k, than the EngGov pay to (unpaid) carers per year.

    All C. Hamilton has to do is stand legs apart in a suit, talk tripe at Holyrood, and take a huge sum from the public purse.
    If you see a property with a security entry code thing by the door and cctv, usually with no notification sign, a legal requirement, it’s likely to be air b&b and there are a lot of them in Edinburgh.

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  4. Where are all the Airbnb flats in Glasgow and Edinburgh. There are only a few hundred on their website. Family sized accommodation. 3/4 bedrooms for family vacations. There are non available at short notice and they are expensive, There are none available on the website, especially at short notice. They are only one or two ‘party’ flats and they are extortionate. They are hardly any available. Just check the website.

    Hotels are really expensive too. Even Premier Inn and Travel Lodge are over £100 a night, especially at busy time or concert nights. Scotland makes £Billions from tourism but there are hardly any Airbnb accommodation. Check the website. There is hardly any accommodation, available. Often all booked up and quite expensive. Especially at busy times. All year round.

    For cheaper accommodation people have to stay a lot further out of the centres. Eg there is cheaper accommodation at Leith but it needs a car for easy access. Or higher, expensive, taxi costs. To get in and out of the centre. Often not on a frequent bus route,

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