Even if you’re not offered it, TURN IT DOWN!

...to refuse to return to work if they’re exposed to coronavirus. It’s after the Scottish Government announced that critical workers who are double-jabbed (sic) can apply for an exemption from self-isolation. The GMB union is urging its members to turn it down. The Scottish Government say the rules already say that exemption will only be granted to staff who voluntarily agree.

So, the GMB leaders knew it was voluntary and that their members would not have to turn anything down but felt the public needed to know this nothing and so contacted their pals at BBC Scotland?

And, double-jabbed? Are they just become ever Anglicised or is this teasing us? Did they only feel little pricks?

The above appeared on Reporting Scotland today at 1.30pm. It’s not being reported on the BBC Scotland website, by STV News nor by the Herald. If it was important enough to be chosen by the Reporting Scotland editor why was it not of interest anywhere else?

That’s because, the GMB has close affiliations with Scottish Labour and a direct line to feed Reporting Scotland and Good Morning Scotland’s staff with SNPBad trivia no one else will touch.

To read these: https://talkingupscotlandtwo.com/?s=GMB

5 thoughts on “Even if you’re not offered it, TURN IT DOWN!

  1. GMB
    Is playing a dangerous game as it sits at the Devil,s poker table
    With absolute certainty there shall only be one losser and that is the fee paying members.

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  2. Scottish trades unionists have always been cannon fodder to allow their militant bosses to walk all over them to climb up the greasy pole.
    Used to be they would get so far, and if there was no other prospects, they would be “chosen” to stand as Labour Councillors, MP’s or MSPs.

    A “double-jab-whammy” for workers. Useless as trades unionists, and indolent as politicians.

    Its a BIG part of why Labour went down the pan in Scotland.

    Dont know about “jabs”–jobbies maybe!

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  3. The Trade Unions who finance illegal wars, finance fraud and tax evasion against the interests the members. On the make and one the take. They are fooling nobody. The members will see right through it and act accordingly. Some folk never learn. Exposed corruption,


  4. Trade unions financing Labour/unionist warmongers killing innocents the world over. Instead of supporting the interest of the members.


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