Massive fall in Scotland’s infections to only one third of UK level

Only 799 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Scotland over the last 24 hours while there were 21 952 across the UK.

This means the UK rate per capita, pro rata, per head population and taking population into account, is approaching three times the level of that in Scotland.

The contrast between infection levels in Scotland and Rumpuk is stark:

Only Jackie Baillie’s West Dunbartonshire has failed to reduce the infection level due to the Royal Navy’s refusal to insist on face coverings in nuclear subs or in local bars.

BBC Scotland’s Disclosure programme has a special tonight on how the First Minister’s communication style has saved the lives of thousands.


They’re interviewing some old folk who are upset because their annoying relatives can now visit them in their care homes.


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8 thoughts on “Massive fall in Scotland’s infections to only one third of UK level

  1. “Wishing” Wells and “Jackanory” Ballie will be complaining Scots are missing out on “our share”.

    Wonder when Westminster will pass a Bill guaranteeing a place in rehab for those addicted to various drugs/alcohol? The Red, Blue and Yellow Tories are all in agreement about it.
    l’m sure the BBC will cover the story.

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  2. O/T re- the news of the alleged children nursery’s discrimination, Reporting Scotland this evening chose NOT to provide important information which is given on the BBC News website’s Scotland page:

    ‘Following the initial concerns from Mr Yousaf and his wife Nadia El-Nakla, a Daily Record investigation submitted applications with identical requirements to the nursery under the names Aqsa Akhtar and Susan Blake.

    ‘The newspaper said Aqsa Akhtar had her application rejected, but Susan Blake’s was accepted and offered spaces.’

    Surely this is a critical bit of additional information on the admissions practice of this commercial nursery. The Daily Record evidence supports Mr Yousaf’s. Why was it omitted by Reporting Scotland? The latter’s report was framed simply as two parties making diametrically opposing claims.

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    1. They want this as a “he said/they said” story. No witnesses, just one side V another side.
      If it was a Brit Nat, there would be an SNPBAD angle, “proved” by the Red, Blue and Yellow Tories all with the exact same story ( same words, in the same sequence, all repeated parrot-style)–Gotcha!
      The Manchurian Candidate could have been based on these robots.

      Actual journalism is beyond the BBC operating here.

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  3. Maybe my maths is poor, but if the UK have 21,952 new cases and Scotland has 799 – isn’t that nearer thirty times greater, not three?

    Or is there something I’m not taking into account?


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