Projecting power with last century’s technology in a world of 21st Century ‘carrier killers’

Leaving aside the dubious extent to which this can reasonably be called a ‘carrier strike group’, why is the UK attempting to project power nearly 12 000 miles away by sea with a massively expensive but dated, 20th Century technology, in an area where the enemy is equipped with 21st Century ‘super weapons?’

Only at the end of the BBC report, do we read:

China has recently embarked on a major uplift in its nuclear ballistic missile arsenal, building new launch silos in the remote Xinjiang region. It has also been developing Hypersonic Glide Vehicles, high-velocity missiles that can reach speeds of up to eight times the speed of sound and which have been dubbed “carrier killers”.

I know this is just post-imperial posturing by the current Conservative and Empire Party and nothing will probably happen but it only takes one mistake and thousands of lives along with billions in hardware lie at the bottom of the South China Sea.

History repeats?

1941 in the South China Sea, 19th Century military technology meets 20th Century weapons

Britain’s most advanced battleship, the Prince of Wales and the battle cruiser, Repulse, are sunk by Japanese aircraft, 840 die.

This was the lesson taught. Even more than Pearl Harbour, the sinking of these two battleships persuaded politicians that airpower would always defeat battleships.

As early as 1982, we got an inkling of the power of missiles as Argentinian Exocet missiles sank the then modern destroyer, HMS Sheffield.

Argentina had 5 Exocet missiles flying at Mach 0.9 or around 700 miles an hour. China has an unknown number of Hypersonic Glide Vehicles, flying at Mach 8 or around 5 to 6 000 miles an hours. The Royal Navy would not even see them coming.

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18 thoughts on “Projecting power with last century’s technology in a world of 21st Century ‘carrier killers’

  1. The whole pathetic human race with their stupid WMDs makes me feel sick. If this war mongering English government allowing so many to die of Covid, and then with their catastrophic Brexit, doesn’t bring about independence for Scotland, then nothing will.

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    1. The politicians that English people vote for are not representative of the Human Race. . . . . Although they do breath air . . . I’ll give you that.

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  2. Are they/Is he actually trying to start a war?

    After all, Churchill had one (unavoidable tbf)
    Thatcher had one.

    And they’re good for business. The economy would pick up no end.

    Do any arms manufacturers contribute to party funds?

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  3. Empire2 Tories being used as a catspaw by the USA.

    China is the new international “black hat”—but the Chinese have a long memory, and will recall the century of humiliation, the mighty UK heaped on its head when militarily much stronger.
    The “Opium Wars” should be a low point in how countries interact, but there will be statues extolling the UK for this conduct.

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  4. The Chinese cannot directly confront the US as this would be too risky on a number of fronts. However they could sink a British carrier. with little repercussion. They know the would Americans sit on their hands as the reality of grubby geopolitics becomes apparent. Joe Biden would probably be laughing into his Guiness if it happened. I know I would be.

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    1. John
      Wrong,China in full out conflict with USA and its allies WOULD win
      Why do you think President Xi in a speech said that the days of foreign powers
      Humiliating China are over for ever
      And any who care to try will have their heads bashed of The Great Wall of Chinese technology and its people
      The most Senior military commander in the USA openly states that America and its allies must now be most careful with its words and actions whist dealing with China,as such could escalate into full scale war,which in order to survive we would have to throw everything at them we have,and i do not think the public have the stomach for that
      On Monday the USA house defence board
      Are seriously considering halting the F35
      Stealth fighter program due to the ongoing massive technical and cost problems,the latest of which is the pilots breathing system is failing miserably
      Pilots reporting continously that in a combat situation that they would be unable to perform
      And as for missiles China now has access to the latest Russian hypersonic one with a Mach 9.4 impact speed,400 kg warhead,1400 km range and can be launched from sea,land or air
      But more importantly in a Technology exchange with Russia,China has a completely new revolutionary radar that
      Detects stealth aircraft,c/w a sophisticated computer command and control launch system
      Further more The F35 aboard our carrier
      Requires in Flight refueling if it enters Chinese airspace, refueling tankers are a easy target
      China has deployed its air defences at sea and upon land to ensure that even a massive air attack is doomed to failure

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  5. As far as I can remember,not too good these days,the aircraft carriers were ordered by Broon for domestic political reasons.
    Probably part of Westminster’s ein reich narrative (shipyards around the reich getting bits and pieces of work).
    The Tories actually tried to cancel the orders but thanks to Broon’s contract found that it was cheaper to continue with the builds than not.
    Similar fiasco to Broon’s PPI scams.
    However,very useful to the current Brexiteers with their delusions of recreating 18th century English sea power and global influence.
    They only managed to do it then by plundering resources from their colonies.
    These days,they just print money to pay for it.

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  6. It just so happens I watched ‘the Secret Weapon’, 1942, a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ B&W film, couple days ago. Maybe China should watch it, nah just kidding. It’s about the British (English) getting the codes to a techy machine from an er, Swiss scientist, that can take down boats, lots of them. I thought Switzerland was neutral, but anyhoo, Watson, ‘things are looking up Holmes, this little island’s still on the map’. Sherlock, ‘yes this fortress, built by nature for herself’, then, ‘this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England’. England does seem to want to be an ‘island’, bring back the Lapetus ocean, or just a secure border, that’d do. 😉
    Basil Rathbone plays Holmes, it’s worth a watch, they are good films, but I prefer, ‘you’re in Scotland now!’ and, ‘this is the Scottish police!’. 😉

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  7. China 1.3Billion pop. Military spending $228Billion.

    USA pop 340million. Military spending $720Billion (1/3 of total world spend).

    UK military spending increased $5Billion. £57Billion.

    US/UK illegal wars have bankrupted the world. Caused migration and displaced people worldwide. Costing $Trillions. Westminster has been illegally and secretly been selling arms worldwide against International Law. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act.

    China – Scotland the land of invention and discovery.
    Britain a small island without Empire or influence,


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