How to get the most out of SNPbaad News

News can be a bit here today, gone tomorrow, and if its the kind of thing which they might use to cast a squint negative light on that SNP Scottish Government, Scotland’s media will want longer lasting coverage.

So, predict it’s coming, report it over at least two days and then bring it back for further days by getting people in to talk about it more.

In August 2020, BBC Scotland managed to run with the SQA exam results story for 7 days!

One day after the similar but far bigger ‘fiasco’ in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and both the story and Gavin Williamson were clearly not in the public interests for the state broadcaster:

In April 2020, a protest letter about PPE supplies which turned out to be from a relative of Anas Sarwar survived for four days unchanged:

In March 2020, the BBC Scotland page and broadcasts reported Covid deaths while the UK and England pages only had a link to the Scottish deaths, though they were fewer pro rata:

In the Winter of 2019, a tale of the death of a single child and the Health Secretary was to run for 7 days. It then returned in later years and months, often because Anas Sarwar had spoken about it again.

Saturday 16th November 2019
Saturday 16th November 2019

Returning to the reporting of drug deaths. In December 2020:

Then and now, context such as this does not appear:

Deaths in red climb to 16.

Average monthly drug deaths in Scotland in 2018 – 100.

Average monthly road deaths in Scotland in 2018 – 12.

Average monthly suicide rate in Scotland in 2018 – 65.

Average monthly cancer deaths in Scotland in 2018 – 1 300.

5 thoughts on “How to get the most out of SNPbaad News

  1. Given we know that DRDs are calculated in different ways across the nations is there no statistician able or willing to strip out the Scottish, more all-encompassing inputs, to produce a set of figures that stand comparison across the nations?
    Apples with pears is no comparison.

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  2. The BBC that operates in Scotland is a colonial, British State enterprise, aimed no less, at toppling the elected government of Scotland.
    This is a disgrace, and I am appalled at the lack of action or protest by the SNP, which the people of Scotland have entrusted to run our countries affairs.
    The BBC is able to take their lead from equally colonial newspapers owned from outside our country, and whose interests are NOT our interests, and who operate AGAINST our interest.

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  3. Another sure-fire way of getting a ”story” is to quote a bitter , rival politician from a Party which will never be in power .
    They claim that ”something” has gone badly wrong ( without proof ) in the Kingdom of BADSNP , and the media run with it – NEVER asking if there is any truth in it .
    The political equivalent of ” Have you stopped beating your wife ? ”

    Then there is the quote from a ”business leader” ( often a Tory Donor or member of SIU ) who is claiming Armageddon for their business if the BADSNP do not shower them with gold or pass legislation that affects only them .

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  4. BBC should just have, ‘Scotland is rubbish and so is their SNP lolz government in their pretendy lolz parliament so the proper government in a proper country are gonna sort them out for yous and bring in some real policies and yous are gonna love it lolz’, at the top of their page, and just put that on the front of every right wing rag so at least it’s clear and in your face, can’t stand this covert brain washing it’s driving me mad!


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