Another attempt to shift the care home deaths blame

John R Gordon (@Cllrjohnrskye) | Twitter

That the discharges of patients from hospitals into care homes did not cause outbreaks or deaths in those homes and that the over-use of agency staff and failed infection control in, especially, the larger privately-owned homes, did is now settled.

Today, with the assistance of Conor Matchett, Highland councillor John Gordon (Independent) will try to shift the blame onto the Care Inspectorate who, for obvious reasons, reduced inspections during the pandemic.

We read, mouth dropping as we do:

He said: “I think that a lot of the problems that care homes are facing and what we have experienced during the pandemic in terms of some of the reports that have come out and the complaints that we’re now hearing about, ultimately is at the door of the Care Inspectorate. “It’s part of the Scottish Government and they did not step up to the mark, so questions have to be asked of the Care Inspectorate because I do not think they did what they should have been doing.”

So in care homes run by corporations with a record of tax avoidance, insecure employment, limited sick pay, stingy PPE purchases, the over-use of transient staff from as far as Kent to the home in Portree, Skye, where Gordon’s father died, and with failed infection control, Gordon thinks that the Care Inspectorate is to blame for not catching them out?

A strange perspective on personal responsibility from the fundamentalist Xcel Church founder and ‘leader’?

Maybe not. On their website he writes:

People can never make up for their sin by self-improvement or good works – only through faith in Jesus Christ accepting His free gift of eternal life, can they be forgiven and saved from sin’s penalty.

I suppose that lets the HC-One directors off but doesn’t it let the Care Inspectorate and the Scottish Government off too?

10 thoughts on “Another attempt to shift the care home deaths blame

  1. I think we all expected another “It wasn’t our fault it was SG” to resurface over Care-Homes, having failed even with the Opposition in 3 part harmony, the recent CI analysis presented the opportunity, enter the Conor Matchett hatchet job.

    We knew we were speeding and it was wrong, but it’s the police at fault for not having enough speed traps.

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  2. I take it that all the private Care Home owners have written to the SG complaining about the lack of Care Home inspections ?
    Next up will be the Tories complaining about the lack of investigations into Dark Money used in elections .

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  3. Councillor John Gordon – Councillor for ward 10 in Highland Council – Eilean a’ Cheò or Skye in English.

    Anybody remember Home Farm Care Home?

    Anybody remember they brought up staff from Kent?

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  4. The Skye (unionist?) council subsidies the Skye Home remuneration by placement paid by council finances. Funding given by Central Gov. They should require to act in good faith in council social work placement. They should have investigations to make sure of the old people’s care and the benefits.

    It is the councils responsibility including Independent members. Any deficients in the Home Care are the responsibility of the Council for many of the placements. They are required to obtain a report for any (suspected or informed) deficiencies. Or it is neglect of personal care provision. A dereliction of the provision of care. The duty of care requirements of the Council. It is the Council’s responsibility. Or then place people elsewhere. Keeping and ensuring up standards. instead of blaming others.


  5. The Councils are supposed to follow official guidelines. Or it is dereliction of duty and cover up. The are responsible for the finances. Not wasting them on inferior provision. Some councillors are not fit for service.. Passing the buck at every opportunity along with their (unionist) parties.


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