Private care homes inspected more because they get FOUR TIMES more complaints?

Private care home owner and Tory donor Robert Kilgour is getting easy media attention again to attack the Scottish Government and its health care inspectors.

Kilgour calls for 'joined up' action to tackle Covid – Daily Business


We hear in the Herald:

A care group has questioned the fairness of a watchdog’s inspections approach during the coronavirus pandemic after it emerged local authority homes are far less likely to be inspected than private ones. Renaissance Care said analysis of a freedom of information (FOI) response it received from the Care Inspectorate found council-run homes, which account for around 15% of all care homes in Scotland, had received under 5% of visits since March 23.

Could this be the reason?

There are 291 voluntary [not for profit] sector, 232 local authority and 727 private care homes in Scotland.

In the last year, to March 31 2020, there were 158 complaints about voluntary sector homes, 2040 about private homes and 146 about local authority homes.

There are thus 2.5 times as many private as voluntary homes but the level of complaints is 13 times higher.

There are 3.1 times as many private as local authority homes but the level of complaints is 14 times higher.

So, the level of complaints to private homes, taking account of the number there are, is around 4 times higher than in voluntary sector or local authority care homes for the elderly.

13 thoughts on “Private care homes inspected more because they get FOUR TIMES more complaints?

  1. 58% are privately owned but get 87% of complaints, WOW!
    That’s a record to be proud of! He should be keeping his head down instead of mouthing off.
    Where are the decent journalists when they’re needed?

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    1. The ‘decent’ journalists on the mian stream media, so called, take their orders from their masters in London, they are lackeys not journo’s, enemies of democracy, that’s what we have in 2020. The internet has plugged some of the gaps in truth getting out, but of course not always the case either. Still, for how many years did people have no alternative to the propaganda project in the UK.


  2. This poor man must be sent forthwith to a re education centre
    With particular emphasis on simple arithmetic and ratios
    Despite him being extremely well versed in such matters as profit and tax avoidance are concerned
    If i was his master the 1st item he would be made aware of that there merely exits one button of his trousers and his bare derriere
    For which the sting of my cane shall continually remind him of
    Me thinks such would soon sharpen his mind
    Far less his obscene motives


  3. The Care Inspectorate needs to keep up its frequency of inspections so long as it is finding the most basic deficiencies in private homes many months after this pandemic started. Goodness knows what the state of the practices in such homes were back in January 2020 before all this kicked off! One might have expected all homes to have ‘upped their game’ over the period.

    There has just been a report published of an inspection on 10 November of a home in Dunfermline run by St Philips Care Limited. It tells us that care and support during the COVID-19 pandemic has been ‘weak’ and includes this:

    “Staff told us they were unaware of Health Protection Scotland and any guidance which has been made available to care homes since the start of the pandemic. “

    And then we have this in a just published report on an inspection of a care home in Edinburgh run by BUPA Care Homes (ANS) Limited undertaken on 1 October. Care and support during the COVID-19 pandemic was found here to be “unsatisfactory”.

    We learn this: “Staff were not knowledgeable in infection prevention and control practises. … Staff spoken to were unaware about what training in infection prevention control they had completed.”

    And: “We spoke with staff during our visit, however they were not confident in infection prevention and control practice or in the safe and effective use of personal protective equipment (PPE). We did not see any records that staff were assessed as being competent in their practice. “

    The real issue now is how to sanction companies that are still continuing to fall so far short of acceptable basic practice. And if Mr Kilgour does have a concern for his industry then perhaps he should be using his media profile to shame those companies in the care home sector into improving their standards.

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  4. Kilgour is stirring it with the implied favouritism routine SiU tried and failed to ignite over lockdown Aberdeen v Glasgow.
    Perhaps someone can verify if my understanding is correct –
    The Care Inspectorate were set up specifically to inspect and report on Care Homes and are the ONLY clinical organisation who may inspect and report on the private Care-Home sector.
    LA and NFP Care Homes have mechanisms and links incorporated with NHS such that snap inspections by the Inspectorate are supplementary.

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      1. Understood Hetty, but my point was they are the sole inspector in the case of private care-homes whereas they run parallel to incorporated arrangements in the others, so far as I was aware.


  5. This link is to research covering a range of different types of care homes in Lothian and covid-19 outbreaks among them.


    “The size of care homes for older people was strongly associated with a COVID-19 outbreak…

    …At the 69 care homes with a confirmed COVID-19 outbreak, 74 excess non-COVID-19-related deaths were reported, whereas ten non-COVID-19-related excess deaths were observed in the 120 care homes without a confirmed COVID-19 outbreak. 32 fewer non-COVID-19-related deaths than expected were reported among care home residents in hospital…

    …Robust national data for the care home population are scarce and data sources are fragmented, meaning our understanding of the needs and outcomes of residents is poor.5, …

    …Atypical presentation of COVID-19 is prevalent, with common presenting symptoms of delirium, postural instability, and diarrhoea in the absence of fever or cough.8, 9…

    …atypical disease presentation, asymptomatic carriage, and a presymptomatic infectious period are common in both residents and staff. …

    …..Care homes for older adults had the highest proportion of outbreaks, and the size of these care homes was the key characteristic associated with an outbreak. Many care homes recorded only one case or had short outbreaks, but sustained or repeated outbreaks were also seen.”


  6. More research indicating that the size of a care home and the use of staff across more than one home are factors where outbreaks of covid-19 tend to occur.

    “An early draft of a recent study has shown that up to 10,000 more people may have died in care homes from COVID-19 than previously estimated.
    The study, carried out by health economists and data scientists at the University of Manchester, is the first independent analysis of the daily death data sent to the Care Quality Commission in the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic by 13,630 care homes.

    The study revealed that excess deaths were mainly in larger care homes that provide services to older people and those living with dementia, noting they were affiliated to a branded chain of providers where staff may be more likely to work in more than one place..”


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