Although Trump is on his way out, he leaves a legacy – but not one others will seek to emulate.

PSA: Please do not follow Trump's suggestion to inject bleach as a cure for  coronavirus | The Milwaukee Independent

From our Washington Correspondent, Brenda Steele:

Here are the figures from Monday:

Going into Thanksgiving this Thursday,

The nation is averaging 165,000 new virus cases per day, up over 70% in two weeks, according to Johns Hopkins University. Hospitalizations, deaths and the testing positivity rate are also up sharply as the nation approaches Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving could be make-or-break in US virus response

Travel usually starts the weekend before. So are people staying home? Some will, many will not.

AAA projects Thanksgiving travel will fall by at least 10%, which would be the steepest one-year plunge since the Great Recession in 2008. But that still means tens of millions of people on the road. On social media, people defiantly talk about their Thanksgiving plans, arguing that nothing will stop them from seeing friends and family.

More than 1 million people flocked to U.S. airports on Sunday, according to the Transportation Security Administration — the highest number since the beginning of the pandemic.  Thanksgiving could be make-or-break in US virus response

(Reuters) – The United States recorded its 12th million COVID-19 case on Saturday, even as millions of Americans were expected to travel for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, ignoring warnings from health officials about furthering the spread of the infectious disease. Reuters data shows the pace of new U.S. infections has quickened, with nearly one million more cases recorded in just the last 6 days before the latest record. This compares with the 8 days it took to get from 10 million cases to 11 million, and the 10 days it took to get from 9 million to 10 million.

More than 1 million people flew through U.S. airports on Friday, according to data from the Transportation Security Administration, fueling fears of even greater spread of the virus. It was the second-heaviest domestic air traffic day since the start of the pandemic, despite pleas from health officials for Americans to stay home.   U.S. hits 12 million COVID-19 cases as many Americans defy Thanksgiving travel guidance

Will Christmas and New Year  cause infection spread here in Scotland?   Here is the FM at yesterday’s press conference.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon holds a press conference on 23/11/2020

But listen and note the number of questions about restrictions and travel at Christmas and New Year from the UK and Scottish press.  Out of a dozen questions, eight were about Christmas and/or New Year. To be honest they sound like a pack of whining kids on a long car journey wanting to know how much longer.   Will they continue like this till Christmas? How does that help boost compliance and save lives?

The virus does not rest or take time off.   The unpalatable truth is that any reduction in precautions to prevent spread of infection, and any increase in socializing will result in more cases of infection and more deaths. 

While in the USA the current soon to be ex-president leads the pack promoting attitudes that place self-gratification above safety thus causing spread of infections, here it seems to be the journalists.  They might want to think about that.   In the meantime, I will be keeping an eye on the statistics for infections and deaths coming from Johns Hopkins in the run-up to Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Although Trump is on his way out, he leaves a legacy – but not one others will seek to emulate.

  1. What is not being reported in the West are
    1.The success of China in suppressing the virus
    2.China is vaccinating 100,s of millions
    3.Chinese economy roaring ahead
    4.The very recent military announcements
    E.G.yesterday they announced that a top secret project of the last 9 yrs has now succeeded and all its military aircraft are from now on to be produced with a new outer skin that completely avoids radar
    It is a new light weight synthetic material with a very complex molecular structure that not only absorbs radar but alters the bounce back to totally confuse all radar tracking
    All existing aircraft are to be coated with this anti radar material
    5.US military aircraft for the 9 th year in a row and all them failed in a key test
    I.E.Not one type was ever more than the minium of 80 % combat ready and fit for purpose
    The world is changing so fast now in front of our eyes and the geo political tectonic plates have shifted irreversibaly in China and Russian. favour
    So listening to Boris and his increased defence spending is pure pie in the sky
    What he will not tell you that all UK armed forces as of now must make critical decisions
    Because having a major effect on global affairs are now beyond our future capabilities
    And all forward policies MUST pay attention only to self defence and that only
    Otherwise UK Will become incapable of defending its airspace and waters
    E.G.The new proposed fighter bomber requires a minium of 320 have any effect outwith the UK.But the monies reqd are now impossible to find
    The same scenario pertains when it comes to naval forces
    Back to the drawing board for the MOD now and for ever

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  2. The US numbers of infection and deaths is horrific. For some reason it’s not surprising, after four years of the Trump regime, he will do much more damage before he goes. Why do they have an election in the US, then keep the old president, and regime in place for what, two months after they were voted out? It seems nuts, especially when there’s a bitter, deluded, evil and dangerous nutjob in the whitehouse. His legacy will be far reaching, the environmental damage he has and is still causing is horrendous. Drilling in the Arctic, that one has been given the green light since he was voted out. The EPA, supposedly protecting the environment are doing the opposite under his direction, he has reversed so many environmental protections for the US’s flora and fauna it’s enough to make you weep. The US is an amazing country, their countryside is spectacular, where it is still intact. The Trump regime legacy will take a very long time to repair, if ever.
    It reaches far and wide though too, what he has done to Latin America is also unforegiveable.
    He is sanctioning Venezuela to death, literally, even worse during the pandemic. He has threatened countries that have helped Venezuela, so much so they have removed the life saving help the country needs. It’s bullying on an absolutely massive scale, it really is evil.
    This guy has weeks yet, to do much more damage, and he will. He has been sending his follower
    guy is it Pence, to countries like Saudi, and the UAE, to no doubt stir up huge trouble for the next president.
    As has been said before, why when the US is awash with those murdering guns they so love, is the guy still walking this Earth!
    As for the UKOK opening up for Xmas, even with a vaccine, (and the bets on, that will be used to blackmail the ScotGov, no indy ref, and you get the vaccine, otherwise…heh heh heh..) why do I get the feeling that we are going round in circles, taken on a merry go round by the EngLish Tory red Tory regime. Infection rates will go up after the whole, crazy, sweeties galore antiquated nonsense.
    (I am not a fan of xmas, never have been) Hogmanay is cancelled though. A shame for Scotland but necessary, and a good idea especially for Edinburgh.
    I’d much rather be celebrating an independent Scotland in a few months, and it’s what we should be doing given the catastrophic Brexit looming, sadly, that’s not going to happen, and who knows what dirty tricks are being conjured up right now to thwart the SNP majority in the Scottish election. Before that though, December 31st 2020 will be quite a sobering one on reflection, I suspect.

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