Sun, sand and death back home: What cannot be said?

Oceanbeat Ibiza boat party

In July and August, thousands, young and not so young, returned from Spain. Only some quarantined properly. Many returned to work too soon. Some even went to house parties.

In Scotland, 80% of cases are revealed to be from a variant of coronavirus called 20A.EU1. It had developed in Spain during the summer months before spreading across Europe:

In September cases began to rise in Scotland and to peak at more than 1 700 on the 21st October.

At the same time the death rate began to climb and by 18th November it was at 54 in one day, with more than 200 having died in that week.

Before the tourist exodus to Spain, in July, the daily death rate was zero and infections were in single figures.

505 have died in November alone. How many from 20A.EU1?

Was it worth it?

14 thoughts on “Sun, sand and death back home: What cannot be said?

  1. For information and interest, we can obtain data on the number of passengers travelling by air to/from Spain from the Civil Aviation Authority’s web site. It provides data for individual airports in Scotland for anyone interested.

    Click to access Table_12_1_Intl_Air_Pax_Traffic_Route_Analysis.pdf

    For international air passenger traffic to and from mainland Spain during July and August 2020, the number of passengers is given as:

    July: number of travellers to and from mainland Spain: total of 588,396

    August: number of travellers to and from mainland Spain: total of 516,477.

    The numbers are of course down substantially from July and August 2019 but based on these data it seems that more than 0.5 million individuals (i.e. c. 50% of the above totals assuming passengers mostly taking return flights) arrived into UK airports from mainland Spain during July and August 2020.

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  2. That photo makes me panic just looking at it, my idea of hell.
    So, what should have been a cancelled seasonal hols period, people still travelled to sunnier climes during an actual pandemic. Do people understand the word, PANDEMIC? No they do not. Deadly virus? Maybe.

    Really, it is governments who are responsible all said and done though.
    That is a fact, and when facts are kept from the people, they go on hearsay, dangerous and deadly.


  3. Does anyone else think that the plan to relax regulations even for for four days at xmas is reckless? When there is at least a levelling off in infections and hospital admissions, coupled with the prospect of a viable vaccine shortly, surely we shouldn’t be encouraging behaviour which could cause a surge in the virus the following month.
    And will it mean change, I’m in a Level 4 area, to the regulations that are present in force?
    While I have always been a staunch supporter of the Scottish Government’s handling of the pandemic, I’m not so sure that they have taken the correct decision in this case.

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    1. I am also not so sure they have really thought about this, NS is saying it’s for people to get together as it’s an important time, OK… It is for many, and restrictions still apply, and hopefully people won’t go daft in not going along with that, but it is a bit odd given the ScotGov’s stance to keep this under some sort of control up to now. Anyone else think they might have had their hand forced just a bit by the EngGov? Of course one of the motives of the EngGov is to allow people to travel as well, including their own families, many into second homes and mansions in Scotland, including the royals, it’s tradition you know.
      If I was the EngGov, I would have said to the ScotGov, or rather ‘SNP’ as they like to call our government,’ if you do the whole four nation thing for crimbo, we will let you have a few vaccines, if not, well, there might be a bit of shortage!’ Who the heck knows what exactly goes on behind the scenes, but I doubt very much that it’s not without some serious arm twisting, and a few threats to boot!


      1. Yes A.H. When I listen to professionals such as Devi Sridhar, I am very concerned that this laxity is unnecessary, and indeed unwise. Of course, I want to visit my great-grandchildren, but I won’t, and make do with sending them presents, and making video calls.
        I just hope I am wrong, and that we don’t suffer in 2021.


    2. Alex
      I’m not comfortable with the relaxation either, but the FM is in a difficult position, imagine if Scotland was the only part of the UK not to relax lockdown over Christmas.

      She’s walking a political tight rope supported at either end by a pandemic. With her performance reported on by England’s media camped in Scotland.

      If Scotland were independent the decision making process would have been different.

      The FM has said that although lockdown is to be relaxed people don’t have to do this, it’s not an order.
      I’ll not be relaxing lockdown and I expect many people won’t either.

      I’m still not comfortable with the decision.

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      1. What worries me Clydebuilt is that we are once again following a Westminster narrative, which proved so disastrous at the beginning of the pandemic. It was only when we developed our own strategy, that matters began to improve.
        If we ever aspire to become an independent nation once again, and certainly I hope we do, then surely Independence of thought is a necessity.


  4. I think Ms Sturgeon made clear that just because the rules have been relaxed it does not mean that people have to throw caution to the wind.
    That was very much the point made last night by Prof Sridhar and Dame Joan Bakewell when they were interviewed on Ch4 news. They were both pretty much singing from the same sheet as in deed were many people interviewed in the street.

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  5. The Radio Scotland phone in this morning was chaired by Jakki Brambles, rather than the execrable Kaye Adams, and she managed the discussion pretty well. A number of people were echoing the FM, that people do not have to relax their own lockdown regime and that they were planning to restrict their celebrations to their current ‘bubble’,much as they would like to meet family and friends.

    One of the participants was a Professor of Public Health and she encapsulated the political dilemma well and the need to negotiate a way through which is good for the morale of many, but also minimises the chances of transmission.

    I suspect, too, that with the connivance of the rabid media, a fair number would (will?) ignore the advice and that the numbers could be such that the police could not cope. Police officers need to be able to enjoy the festive season, too, even if it is only to be able to work normal hours and to face large numbers of boozed-up people.


  6. Quite agree with your last paragraph Alasdair. One of the reasons I think the break is dangerous, is because how many people will stick to the four days. As you say, with an aggressive media encouraging them, how many of the general public will obey. Especially when alcohol takes effect. Despite being out of step with the rest of the U.K, I feel we should have kept to the present tiers, and reaped a benefit in 2021.


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