Covid in Scotland: Where are the latest cases? Eh well, not so much in Scotland at all

BBC Scotland seem to have lost interest in Covid infection levels these days:

For some reason, they seem to think the public needs a real dose of the nasties with possible accusations that the SNP Government is failing.

Back in March, Scotland’s infection rates were all the rage at BBC Scotland HQ.

What’s changed?

Ooh, look at that map. It’s just like the one of SNP MSPs. When you see that, maybe a hard border makes more sense? Northern Ireland looks like a satanic budgie.

And, look at this:

Scotland has the lowest infection rate in the UK, just below Wales, half that of England and only a third of Northern Ireland. Makes you glad we don’t have a bridge and can keep out the DUP Variant.

2 thoughts on “Covid in Scotland: Where are the latest cases? Eh well, not so much in Scotland at all

  1. Sky News and the website made a feature of the fact that the R number for England had fallen. The range in which it lies is still wholly above 1.

    The most recent R number for Scotland is between 0.8 and 1.

    This is mentioned without comment in the final paragraph of a fairly long piece on the current Covid data for Scotland.

    The R number is only one of a number of measures which enable people to come to conclusions about the progress of the pandemic. The rate of infections has been falling for more than a week. Hospitalisations are edging down. Numbers in ICU fluctuate but are fairly steady and far below the levels of previous waves. The percentage of positive tests has been falling and the rolling average is below 5%. Vaccinations are moving on steadily with more than 90% of people over 50 having had two jags and the figures for the lower age groups is increasing.

    When any ONE of these data has moved in an adverse direction the media have fallen on it like hyenas, and have used hyperbolic language to describe it.

    The data regarding drugs deaths is the kind of figures they have been drooling for, because it enables them to present an unrelievedly bleak picture of Scotland.

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  2. Simple rule of thumb for broadcasters in UK :-

    If Scotland stats bad – Good ! Big Headline !
    If Scotland stats good – Bad ! Ignore !
    If Scotland stats similar to UK – lie ! Big, Big headline !

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