LATEST: Scotland has lowest infection level in UK

The above regular item on the BBC Scotland website is full of data. It’d be around 10 pages printed but it doesn’t include the comparative infection rates for the 4 UK countries. I don’t have the evidence but didn’t it have them before, perhaps when we were performing badly?

Anyhow, luckily the FT does:

Scotland, at 27.8 cases per 100 000, below Wales at 28.3 and miles below England 61.1, is no longer Covid capital of the UK.

BBC Scotland are expected to give this great news a great big body swerve and find something bad that will keep Douglas Ross quiet.

Northern Ireland? Does this have something to do with those bonfires?

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10 thoughts on “LATEST: Scotland has lowest infection level in UK

  1. John
    I honestly couldn’t believe HMS Sarah Smith published this after their QEUH “contaminated water” campaign with homicidal showerheads, but Jeanne Freeman stood her ground and didn’t have to resort to an industrial tribunal for unfair dismissal as HMS Sarah Smith was not her employer… Ahem..

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  2. Of course the Herald puts the good news of Scotland’s three week decline more grudgingly..

    “It has joined the trend of three UK nations to have declining figures, while Northern Ireland’s rates continue to rise – overtaking England to become the UK nation with the highest rate of new coronavirus cases.”

    I think the Herald really wanted to write that “two other UK nations have since joined Scotland in its three week downward trend”.

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  3. And on Reporting Scotland this evening Jackie Baillie once more punting the now discredited proposal to reduce the gap between doses to 4 weeks.

    On the subject of number of cases in Scotland be careful. There have been problems with the labs in NHS Tayside and no results have been received from that Health Board since 23rd July. PHS is working with the labs to get it sorted. See the note attached to today’s Covid data released by PHS.

    As to the fall in number of cases down south I think they should be treated with a degree of scepticism. The positivity number down south is apparently at a high level suggesting not enough testing was taken place.

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    1. “Jackie Baillie once more punting the now discredited proposal to reduce the gap between doses to 4 weeks” – Will the last to vacate that cranium switch the light off in Labour tradition…

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