The optimist who only lives with fear for Scotland

Gillian Crawford or Bowditch whose pessimistic writing on an independent Scotland’s economic prospects has had such a negative reaction in the last few days surprises with her self-perception as, first, an optimist and then just a storyteller. Her Twitter motto is ‘Live without fear’…..of writing nonsense?

Gavin Esler’s quick assessment of her long and detailed ‘analysis’ as simply ‘vacuous’ was about right.

Wings’ 2016 assessment of her work as ‘dull’ and ‘brainless’ reinforces the view.

In the 143 published articles listed in MUCK RACK for her there is no mention of supply chains, buying power, economy, economics, trade or business. The only mention of chains is on the website for her jewellery business.

So, vacuous, but is it even hers?

Is she just doing what she clearly thinks she does best, telling a story on behalf of propagandists in some Westminster team charged with undermining the case for Scottish independence?

If she really wrote it and believes in it, she’d be fighting back against the critics.

She hasn’t even posted in on her twitter feed:

So, it’s not really hers?

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5 thoughts on “The optimist who only lives with fear for Scotland

  1. Her bio includes many references to ”business” ( Chair British Women Entrepreneurs -Scotland Ambassador for Women’s Enterprise Scotland , Founder/ director Institute of Ecommerce , and many more )
    If such a” leading ”business woman with so many connections to the business world ACTUALLY thinks that Scotland is TOO SMALL to be successful as a nation , it really calls into question why any competent business would have any dealings with her .
    These comments come across as the type of ridiculous haverings we were so used to during the 2014 Referendum from people who couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time .

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  2. “We need to co-operate, share supply chains and boost our buying power by collaborating – both at a governmental and business level” writes Bowditch … sagely?

    Of course we do, just about every country and society in the world does to a greater or lesser extent. Others act in these ‘normal’ ways to an ‘extent’ chosen, in nature and scale, by each individual, independent nation-state (unless coerced).

    Of course all three listed ‘needs’ we already had within the EU in spades: and once independent Scotland can have these again in spades … if we wish.

    And just like other friendly neighbouring countries, we can still do all three things – to the extent that we seek – with the Kingdom of South Britain and NI as well after we dissolve the Union. This assumes that our neighbour is willing to behave as a normal, advanced Western democracy and not a hostile one!

    ALL this stuff is normal: NONE is beyond the capability and capacity of an independent Scotland. There are many examples – for our situation, theEU and also the Nordics’ co-operation are the obvious analogies to draw on.

    However, I suspect the Bowditch article is not based on logical, objective analysis. And therefore I suspect her view will not be amenable to change by refutation based on evidence.

    This looks like fabrication with an unworthy purpose: a deliberate, agenda-driven attempt so undermine positive perceptions voters here may have of the Scotland they live in and to scare them away from national self-determination? She may well believe what she writes (I wonder) but writing this guff will also help pay her bills and will gain her favourable ‘attention’ in certain quarters!

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