Disappointing reaction to Peaty Gold

Adam Peaty hopes kickstarting Great Britain’s gold medal rush at Tokyo 2020 can lift the mood of the nation after revealing he has spent every day of the last 18 months “almost in the dark”.

EXCLUSIVE: Swimmer Adam Peaty is the overwhelming favourite to bag gold for Team GB in the 100m breaststroke and knows ‘I have the whole country behind me’

Maybe I should feel bad about this but the Olympics have always seemed like a mega school sports day and I hated those. Did once come third in the climbing over the Grangemouth stadium wall to get out event, in 1968.

I have watched for not one second.

Is Peaty real? Does this resonate more accurately with what most of us think?

And now, our contacts tell us that, despite Peaty’s efforts, violent crime and mental health problem diagnoses have not reduced. Even more disappointing support for the Conservative party seems to have increased with each Union Flag waved.

BBC 1 has been all Olympics just like when it was all Prince Phillip. I wonder which has had the smallest audience?

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6 thoughts on “Disappointing reaction to Peaty Gold

  1. Boris and his band of vagabonds with their classical education know full well
    What, Who and When to orchestrate all this
    Tis what the Collapsing Roman Empire
    Referred to as
    ” Bread and Circus ”
    Hail Hail Hail
    Boris the Last Emperor of Scotland

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    1. “Bread and circus’s” —right on, as the happy hippy said( and echoed by the Boris Brigade Cooperative)

      The “bread”, in the form of the £20 uplift, is about to disappear.
      The “circus”, as in the Euros, should have been a big boost for Boris, but the violent aftermath, and photos of Boris dressed in a white tent scuppered that.
      The “circus Mark 2” will be the olympics.
      All looking good, but fate awaits–a bad drug test; a dodgy ref decision; Tory triumphalism–perhaps nothing. But……

      The curtain falls, reality sets in, and a weary populace confronts an unknown future.
      Boris is already falling in the polls.
      His “sausage war” may escalate to an outright trade war.
      There is a huge disparity in the UK on wealth, health, education, investment. To solve it would take £trillions (as Germany found with unification).
      The Empire2 brigade in the Tory party are Gung-Ho for confrontation with China ( with neo-cons pulling their strings). Won’t end well.
      As Cummings has tried to point out, Boris is both out of his depth, and actually doesn’t care. Do his stint, win an election, quit, then go and write his version of history—oh, and get very rich!
      The Tories are intent on passing a Bill which will outlaw whistleblowing, and the “public interest” defence for journalism.
      The Tories are intent on emasculating the courts, to prevent interference with “politics”.
      A “soft” fascism is just round the corner, led by a corrupt Executive and enabled by the most right-wing press on the globe. Oh, and lots and lots of “patriotism” not least from Labour.
      GB News has failed, but it will be back.

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      1. Gavinochiltree
        But me thinks tis a straw that shall break their back
        Always is so as the damage is already done
        The next tiniest thing you will never know when where and how
        It shall land upon their back and break it
        Hitler actually lost the war in 1936 when he refused the request of Doenitz to double the No.of U- Boats
        And refused to sanction the development of a 4 engined bomber
        1.we would have been sunk and blockaded into submission
        2.If he had a 4 engine aircraft he could have supplied his beleaguered army at Stalingrad where he lost 1 million men
        The little acorn has been sown many yrs ago

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  2. In December 2013, even the BBC was straying off message in terms of the ‘benefits’ of hosting – and piling loads of money into – an Olympic Games and associate elite sports people. (https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/25356001 )

    Reviewing the aftermath of the London Olympics it reported:
    ‘.. what cannot be avoided by policy makers is this simple statistic: Almost 18 months on from the London Olympics and the number of people playing sport once a week has increased by only 200,000.

    ‘This is a disappointingly small return for the billions of pounds of investment pumped into the staging of the Games and the funding of grassroots legacy schemes thereafter.

    ‘That failure to really move the needle in the months since the Olympics will worry ministers and sports administrators, who know the glow of that unforgettable summer is already fading.

    ‘What will really trouble them is the continuing slump in the number of young people – aged 16-25 – playing sport. The latest figures show another decline – of 51,000, down to 3.74m ..’

    The BBC article adds evidence that: ‘there is no direct link between the profile and popularity of a sport at the elite level and participation at the grassroots.’

    All a bit ‘edgy’ for a BBC article?

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