‘Reliably dull AND brainless’

When a friend of TuS shared the above with me, I must admit to being unaware of Mrs Bowditch. Bowditch? A less appealing version of Bo Derek?

As always, I went a-googling and up popped this marvellous demolition of Bowditch, in Wings Over Scotland, August 2016:

Lying right to your face

It opens with:

Dismayingly often, the thing that irritates us the most about the Unionist press lying to its readers isn’t the fact that they’re doing it, but the fact that they do it so insultingly badly. As an illustrative case in point, here’s the Sunday Times’ reliably dull-witted Scottish columnist Gillian Bowditch.

Marvellous words. I read that and forgot about the Times piece today.

He did her before that, as ‘reliably brainless columnist Gillian Bowditch, who’s rarely found wanting when “SNP BAD!” is called for.’

Call The Midwife

She does seem to be reliable at least.

Golden days.

For my own tuppence-worth, how has Ireland done so well?

9 thoughts on “‘Reliably dull AND brainless’

  1. Ah, Gillian Gillian Gillian, if only. We did once upon a time, have helpful and supportive neighbours, who would have come to UKOKEngland’s aid had they voted to keep 27 countries as ‘neighbours’, with equal status, equal voting rights, monetary support for disasters like er pandemics, and keeping the peace, literally.

    I know Nicola Sturgeon is very astute and all that, but not sure even she has the wherewithall to ‘master the pandemic, Brexit(!) and global disasters’.
    Since when was Scotland so deluded as to think they can actually save the world? Ah, I see it’s all about those strong and stable broad shoulders, da da dah!!!! Only Britannia can save the world now, so embrace your masters’ rule, for you will surely perish without their mastery at saving the world….kapow! Oops.

    Bowditch sounds very old fashioned, and very olde English, no offence to forward thinking English folk.

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  2. All we want is for Scotland–Scotland– to elect the government of its choice.
    Not a “parish council” or “devolved assembly” or a “pretendy parliament”–all precise and accurate descriptions of what Brit Nats and the colonial media want Scotland to have–but a parliament and government, exactly the same as other countries in our neighbourhood enjoy.

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    1. Totally.

      I also think the question of who gets to vote in the next indy ref will be crucial. Like, second homers? Those who have been in Scotland for a short time, eg, less than three years? Students from England, studying in Scotland? Would there need to be some sort of stipulation of longer term and more permanent residence, not just a three month summer holiday in a second home?

      We are in touch with a very nice older guy from England, who is a small books publisher living in the south. Discovered he has a ‘croft’, on the west coast of Scotland, ‘no roads’ there apparently, (how quaint, how Scottish) and will be visiting it very soon for a few weeks, would he get to vote in an independence referendum? I should send him a copy of ‘Deep Fried Hillman Imp, Scotland’s transport’. That’ll explain why ‘no roads’ in our rural areas.


      1. The Gerry Mandering ministry in Whitehall,I believe are proposing that people who have lived outside the UK for no more than 15 years will be eligible to vote in UK elections.
        Not sure if this is aimed at residents of Belize or more likely Scots who are resident in England being allowed to vote in any future independence referendum.
        Hope the SG kick that proposal into touch.


  3. When I read the headline, I thought she was talking about people.

    Then I realised she meant WM politicians…


  4. Westminster needs it’s neighbours? Brexit? EU 450million people.

    Lost revenues, jobs and workers. The shelves are empty. £Billions lost.


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