For the facts on Scotland watch BBC UK

In a report on falling infections, by BBC UK at 6pm, we heard with excited drama that NEW INFECTIONS ARE DOWN FOR A FIFTH CONSECUTIVE DAY and:

The state broadcaster enthuses on behalf of ‘the nation’ and by implication, it’s government, after only 5 days of falling infections.

Then, blow me down, the reporter tells us:

Three weeks ago? Did BBC Scotland give us that good news after 5 days?

No, nothing to see there, it seemed.

Even as late as the 16th of July after two whole weeks of falling levels, they used instead

ONS estimates based on older data to worry us:

One in every 90 people in Scotland is infected with Covid, say experts from the Office for National Statistics. The Scottish figure is up from one in every 100 the previous week – and compares with one in every 95 in England, one in 290 in Northern Ireland and one in 360 in Wales.

Astonishingly or perhaps not, on the 23rd July, THREE WEEKS after the start of the fall in infection levels, they told us:

Cases continue to increase? After three weeks of falling?

Getting the truth, on BBC UK, often only minutes before Reporting Scotland reporters then lie through their teeth to present an SNPbad interpretation, has happened before:

There are more, much more at:

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4 thoughts on “For the facts on Scotland watch BBC UK

  1. Yes I saw that clip and heard his comments. And hopefully many in Scotland will also had heard them.. But.. BBC Scotland said..

    BBC Scotland hang your heads in shame, bunch of lame duck chancers the lot of them.

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  2. Maybe we are doing BBC Shortbread a disservice ?
    They are WAAAY up north ( in North Britain ? ) and much less license money is spent in these remote areas .
    So could it be that communication with Pacific Quay ( there’s a clue – Pacific ? very far away ? ) is difficult – carrier pigeon , cleft stick ?
    So the up-to-date news takes so much longer to get through ?
    How long does it take a dispatch rider to get here from London ?

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  3. Disgraceful BBC operating in Scotland, deliberately misleading the people of Scotland during a pandemic. They use a deadly virus to score political points for their BritNat masters, this is not a public service, it’s a huge public disservice and people are told to pay for it or else, just to add insult to injury.
    Hell mend ’em who deceive the people of Scotland to deny them important information during such times, utterly despicable.

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