Vaccine rollout: Scotland pulls into clear lead

Two weeks now since Scotland pulled ahead of the much-praised, by BBC Wales, vaccination roll-out programme, BBC Scotland have yet to comment.

Scottish Conservative Branch Manager, Douglas Ross has not yet decided what to tell Reporting Scotland’s editor, his line of attack will be but it will be either:

Scotland lagging behind on second vaccine rollout!’


SNP failing to take advantage of vaccine rollout to open businesses!’

4 thoughts on “Vaccine rollout: Scotland pulls into clear lead

  1. Reporting DRossy will say—“Now they are following our advice”.

    As we find out, we are NOT allowed to refer to their lies.
    “They stand, they sit, they lie”!
    And the “Scottish” media would rather “cower” from the truth as report it.

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  2. I suggest we hold fire on congratulation ourselves just yet, there is a huge question over ability to pass on infection after vaccination, there was a curious exchange on Twitter over those having already registered as infected even if vaccinated being excluded from daily reports.

    OT- Just watched a C4 snippet entitled “More key workers able to replace isolation with daily tests as ‘pingdemic’ causes chaos” and realised even C4 is amplifying the nonsense it’s the pings that are the problem, not infection prevalence, the mammoth (it’s now too old to be an elephant) in England’s room.

    What infuriates me most is I can see the logic of the argument to give exemptions to those double-vaccinated in key-industries where they are in regular close contact with the public with precautions in place, but where does it end ? Dodge City ?

    There is no way for an App to distinguish levels of protection in place relying on bluetooth technology, it can’t sense the plexiglass bubble or the guy in the bio-warfare suit behind a brick wall, it’s designed for an average public experience.

    I very much fear this “Pingmageddon” malarkey is yet another scam to blame the App for England’s Clusterclown pal Dildo Harding’s latest venture in proving only the truly thick get promoted and ensure the offshore stash of the billions syphoned off is safeguarded.

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    1. What is difficult to comprehend is—
      Vaccinated people can still catch and pass on the virus.
      Why would we utilise medical staff who have been “pinged” when they might be infectious?
      It would be more effective if those “pinged” lay low for a week, even if the public have to eat beans on toast for a while—till we get through this.
      The reality is, immunity is not possible, and living with the virus might be tough, perhaps until several generations have passed ( think childhood diseases which once killed many), and human immune systems get up to speed.
      I suspect tech billionaires will already be planning to replace their human workers with robots, if there is no cure.

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  3. Damn, can’t post a screenshot… Just went back to check on BBC in Scotland’s Politics webpage and noted their “Covid in Scotland: Critical workers to be exempt from self-isolation” story was still being promoted prominently (despite demotion elsewhere), but comments had hit the most amusing number 1066 when they were closed down… That should make dial-a-mob happy…


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